"Would you do… Round 2" Tournament: No. 3 Brynn Cameron vs. No. 7 Sasha Cohen

(If you don’t know what the hell the “Would you do… Round 2” Tournament is all about, read this first).

Will the slipper fit Sasha?

No. 3 Brynn Cameron:

Why we might:
Leinart’s been there.
Why we might not: Leinart’s been there.
Regular season “record”: 91% yes-9% no.
First round: Defeated Ice 71%-29%.
Second round: Defeated Jeanette Lee 61%-39%.

No. 7 Sasha Cohen:

Why we might:
Why we might not: Not great tits.
Regular season “record”: 83% yes-17% no.
First round: Defeated Lauren Jackson 58%-42%.
Second round: Defeated Taryne Mowatt 52%-48%.

The winner gets Stokke for a championship.

Who would you rather do?
Brynn Cameron
Sasha Cohen
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18 Responses

  1. All about the bendy here. Brynn’s just an average-looking blonde who had Matt Leinart’s baby. Outside of the child support checks, there’s little that Brynn offers that couldn’t be gotten from Sasha Cohen anyway. And that’s part of the point: Sasha’s cute, got that flexibility that makes fucking oh so fascinating, and has her own dough.

    I love an earna’, especially when she’s cute.

  2. sasha all the way baby. zach’s bias towards big boobed blondies ends here. All brunette final!

  3. If you vote for Sasha, you are gay. Not even Matt Leinart would hit that Jon-Benet Ramsey lookalike.

  4. Wow, G. I’ve seen pictures of both Sasha and JonBenet. Sasha doesn’t look anything like a six-year-old; she looks like a short, slender 20-something. And she’s bendy. While I generally prefer more on my women, I can definitely hit Sasha. Brynn? I like my MILFs a little older — and untouched by dudes who used to fuck Paris Hilton.

  5. By the way: Brynn leads by just 51 percent-to-49 percent. The closest contest yet. Not that it really matters: Stokke’s taking it all.

  6. I voted for Mowatt when Cohen beat her…………..Mowatt is better than Cameron, but I cant bring myself to vote for someone who looks like she cant even vote……….I went with Cameron here by default……

  7. this one is CLOSE! We may have to keep the polls open an extra day (unless of course Sasha is leading tonight).

  8. I’ve called Stokke and Cohen since the beginning, I’m sticking with it. The bendy brunette takes it.

  9. Would You Do…Jon-Benet???

    I did and I still would.

  10. For those of us in the Northeast, the idea of smoking-hot blondes growing on trees doesn’t hold water. All the hot blondes around here are from out of town (thanks to you boys to the West for sharing). Brynn would be more of a commodity around here.

    Going through pictures of the two, Sasha has a ton of recent pictures on her website where she looks eminently slammable. There are no such glamor shots of Brynn, but she does look to have snapped back tight after ejection.

    The idea of going rag doll- and all sorts of other tricks- on the slight Sasha is quite compelling. But, to knock down Sasha, without force, it’s apparently going to take a mohel and kippah…way too much commitment for me. I’ll go with Brynn.

  11. Using prior history/partners as an agrument is a copout. You guys can talk all the shit you want on the internet, but, in real life, you’d be stepping over each others’ dicks to hop on Paris Hilton, even with those big feet, if you had the chance. Some of you might even let Leinart turkey slap you to nail Brynn.

  12. if you do sasha, you’ve also gotta do her hubbie/bro namesake, Borat

  13. just what’s wrong with big-boobed blondie bimbos, anyway?

    >>…zach’s bias towards big boobed >>blondies ends here.

  14. Sasha looks like a little girl. If you’re into that sort of thing, then have at it. I’m with Zach on this one. Big boobed blondes rule. Go Brynn.

  15. hey, i’m still bitter taryne and brittany lost.

    i would take them over stokke any day. (my lawyer agrees)

  16. maybe the next twisted contest could be ‘would you do’ duos–using both entries in each original bracket? then you could get blondie boobie bimbo revenge on these heathens!

  17. wtf at all these people voting for sasha, we got the dumbest fuckin people votin on here then. I don’t even know how she’s still in here, she’s not good looking at all. Flexability don’t mean shit if she’s ugly. I didn’t know The Big Picture was a lolita complex fansite =\.

  18. jew.

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