Stokke vs. Cohen for all the marbles

(Click image for larger view)

You guys have voted, and the cult-following for Cohen was enough to push her through to the finals against the heavily-favored top seed.

It’s No. 1 Stokke vs. No. 7 Cohen and the winner gets a night alone with us and some whipped cream.

Really though, one’s a Cal Bear, the other a Jew. Our parents would be juiced either way.

The showdown begins Friday…


7 Responses

  1. I will never understand why Cohen got any votes.

  2. gmoney, are you kidding, with her demure stature and flexibility the possibilities are mind-boggling. Plus, Leinart’s never been there!

  3. sasha.

  4. If you have to use the word “demure” to describe a bitch, she isn’t that great.

  5. Congratulations to our NFC champion, Sasha Cohen.

  6. It’s official, the majority of voters on this site are pedophiles.

    Round Two was definitely shortsided on talent compared to Round One, but to have these two GIRLS make the final is borderline disgusting.

    I’ll assume you guys have been out combing the junior high schools all morning looking for dates to the dance???

  7. Cohen looks 12………..Nothing else matters becuase I couldnt even get a boner – she’s not attractice or sexy looking like that…….

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