Wayne Gretzky is ‘Takin’ Care of Business’

(Click for larger view)

Sometimes a gift just falls in your lap. Maybe it’s karma. Maybe it’s because it’s Wednesday. Who really knows?

But that tough-to-see image is Wayne Gretzky’s playlist, courtesy of Coyotes Trax. What is Coyotes Trax? We better let them explain.

With “Coyotes Trax,” you can purchase your favorite Coyotes players’ entire playlist, or individual songs at the iTunes Store (www.itunes.com). You can also enjoy a wide range of music including songs which get players pumped in the locker room as well as the music they enjoy away from the rink.

We’re the least bit surprised the Great One listens to Bachman-Turner Overdrive. “Takin’ Care of Business” fucking kills.

Though Gretzky having a Sarah McLachlan song on his playlist definitely threw us for a loop.

6 Responses

  1. Wayne loves him some Canadian classic rock. BTO, Red Rider, Triumph. Rush is feeling a little left out right now.


  2. happy halloween bitches


  4. shut your mouth gmoney, this site is not tolerant of gays

  5. This is a pretty cool idea on the Coyotes part imo

  6. Congrats on the Extra Mustard link.

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