"Would you do… Round 2" Tournament Champion: Allison Stokke

Congratulations to Ms. Stokke. So young, so innocent, so hot.

She beat Cinderella Sasha Cohen in a rout and earned the title of “Would you do Round 2” Champion. She joins elite company in holding that honor.

Stokke came out of nowhere…a fresh-faced teen who happened to be good at the pole vault. But one picture, ugh, vaulted her to Internet fame; fame that carried her to a title.

Congratulations, Allison. You can add another accomplishment to your résumé. (Just don’t tell your dad).


16 Responses

  1. Dare we match up the winners of the first two “Would You Do” tourneys to crown an ultimate champ, or are we waiting for four of them to have a winner take all Final 4?

  2. I like the final 4 idea… but we’d have to come up with more ideas for Would you do…s. We did sportscasters and athletes, what’s left? Hot wives of pro athletes? Maybe next summer we could do a Would you do tournament of Olympians. There’s certainly enough female athletes out there to do 16 more, are there enough media types?

  3. Finally – an end to bullshit posts! (Though who can complain about pics of hot chicks?)

  4. Erin Andrews would smoke Stokke.

  5. Yes, but would Erin Andrews DO Allison Stokke? ‘cuse me…need a moment…

  6. The public is demanding an Erin Andrews – Allison Stokke match-up….

    You should give what the masses are asking for

  7. How about a Who Would You Do – newscasters….

    Maria Bartiromo
    Amy Robach
    Katie Couric

    And any other hot local news chicks out there

  8. Here is a HOT newscaster from the Youngstown, Ohio area…


  9. newscasters are nice and all, but don’t exactly fit under the “sports” umbrella

  10. You may want a deeper field for future tournaments, but this was a fun little deal.

    While you’re building that, if you want to have a little fun with the next “Would you do…”, package the 1-seed of Round 1 with the 16-seed from Round two, 2 with the 15, and so forth, and make them a package deal. So, to get Erin Andrews, you’d be saddled with (on?) Serena. If you want Stokke, you have to take Andrea Kremer.

    Not so clear-cut, is it?

  11. You could also do a worst NFL player tournament. Well, maybe not, no one could beat Shaun Alexander.

  12. these are all fantastic ideas folks. keep the brainstorming going and i’ll come up with something that ideally makes everyone happy in the pants.

  13. well here’s an idea…


    I would bet that it would be hard, but not THAT hard to find some pro or college cheerleaders that we DON’T want to do. Because that’s the fun of Would you do…, the girl that you would really have to think about doing, and the decision as to how many LI’s it would take.

  14. to prove my point…

    I would do leah:


    But would need some Long Islands before I went to bed with Missy:


  15. how about, “would you do, duos”?–ie pairs from the brackets, where one skank in the pair offsets the hottie?

  16. If you want hot newscasters, the story ends with Melissa Theuriau.

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