Big Picture Categories: Team names that don’t end in "S"

King’s Cup might be the best drinking game out there. Everyone has their own version, there’s ample drinking and sometimes — on a few lucky occasions — hot chicks end up naked. One of the best “games” in King’s Cup is Categories, which often is represented by the Jack card. In Categories, the person who draws the card says a category (fast food joints, baseball stadiums, etc.) and everyone must go around the circle naming one until somebody stumbles. When that person fucks up, they drink. Make sense? Good.

Just about everywhere you turn in sports, you’re going to find a “Wildcats,” “Tigers” or “Bears.” But not too many teams — at least in professional sports — have nicknames that don’t end in an “S.”

Today’s category then will be naming those teams that don’t have an “S” at the end. Since there are a lot of these, let’s keep them to colleges and U.S. leagues (MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL, MLS all count — the WNBA does not. Does it ever?). We’ll start and you guys continue in the comments. You can go again after every five comments. First person to blow it has to ask a random member of the Sioux tribe if they have a drinking problem.

We’ll start things off with one of our favorite collegiate names: the North Dakota Fighting Sioux.

All right, folks. Get freaky in the comments.


57 Responses

  1. fucking hate to do it but the stanfurd cardinal (get a real name, not a fucking color, and an ugly one at that). should have stuck with indians but that’d by un-pc or something like that

  2. Minnesota Wild

  3. orlando magic

  4. boston red sox baby

  5. dartmouth big green

  6. UW-Green Bay Phoenix

  7. Miami Heat

  8. Utah Jazz

  9. Chicago White Sox

  10. syracuse orange

  11. Illinois Fighting Illini

  12. notre dame fighting irish

  13. navy midshipmen

  14. Harvard Crimson

  15. St. John’s Red Storm

  16. Tampa Bay Lightning

  17. D.C. United

  18. um… also…. people seem to have forgotten the once every FIVE comments rule.

  19. Yeah, geez. If you’re gonna post on a high quality blog like “The Big Picture”, at least follow the rules of the game.

    Phoenix Mercury- WNBA Champs!

    Yes, I just replied with a WNBA team.


  20. of course Matt would make up a women’s team.

  21. Columbus Crew!!! Man, I’m gay. Not matt gay but definitely soccer gay.

  22. Los Angeles Galaxy

  23. Alabama Crimson Tide

  24. Houston Dynamo

  25. Are Centenary’s teams still called the Gentlemen?

  26. Dartmouth Big Green

  27. I know it’s hockey, but Colorado Avalanche

  28. Tulane Green Wave

  29. MLL (Major League Lacrosse): New Jersey Pride, Philadelphia Barrage, Chicago Machine, Los Angeles Riptide

  30. Elon Phoenix

  31. Seattle Storm

  32. North Texas Mean Green

  33. Pilipino Basketball Association;

    San Miguel Beerman, FedEx Express

  34. Marshall Thundering Herd

  35. I think this one is still fair game: Chicago Fire (MLS)

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  37. North Dakota State Bison.

    By the way Zack, you do know that I am a alumnus of North Dakota, don’t you?

  38. fisch,

    I do. Go Sioux!

    OK, think this one’s still in there:

    Nevada Wolfpack.

  39. Tulsa Golden Hurricane

  40. Springfield A&M Nittany Tide!

    You only call us a cow college because we were founded by a cow!

  41. used to be The Huron Tribe. a small NAIA school in Huron, South Dakota but the damn natives made them switch the name now they are the tigers. to try to make it legit does the CFL count? Calargy Stampede then would be my call.

  42. That’s odd because William & Mary used to be the Indians and then changed to The Tribe…

  43. Hofstra Pride (formerly the Flying Dutchmen. Awesome name!)

  44. Massachusetts Minutemen

  45. Let’s make the list inclusive of English socc.. er, I mean football…

    All the following are preceded by “The”
    Birmingham City Brummagem
    Rochdale Dale
    Ebbsfleet United Fleet
    Scunthorpe United Iron
    York City Minstermen
    Portsmouth Pompey
    Hartlepool United Pool
    Liverpool Pool
    Petersborough United Posh
    Crewe Alexandra Railwaymen
    Halifax town Shaymen
    Macclesfield Town Silkmen
    Accrington Stanley Stanley
    Newcastle United Toon

  46. Pawtucket Red Sox
    Trenton Thunder
    Greenville Drive

  47. Since minor leagues were added:

    Macon Whoopee

  48. D3 Widener University Pride or as the students call themselves the Widener Gay Pride

  49. Remarkably, this is still out there: Stanford Cardinal.

  50. Arena Football- Philly Soul

  51. whoever said Seattle Storm is an asshole for not reading the rules.

  52. magnificent eeyore, you dumb mutha f###er. Stanford was the first frickin team givin. God, you are probably the DUMBEST person alive. I seriously hope you get hit by a bus.

  53. If we’re going minor leagues, then I gotta go just down the street…

    Bowie Baysox

  54. D3 Greensboro College Pride – Greensboro, NC

  55. Cornell Big Red, bay-beee… second best alma mater in my household.

  56. I got a couple….
    1. Delta State University (in southern Mississippi) Fighting Okra
    2. Cornell Big Red
    3. North Dakota State University Bison
    4. University of North Texas Mean Green

    and that’s all i can think of that are’nt already said, adn whoever said a WNBA team can go to hell

  57. Marshall thundering herd

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