Juan Palacios is a party animal

Photo courtesy of NapkinNights.com. See more pics here.

We have no idea who Baldy on the right is, but on the left is Louisville 6-foot-8 forward Juan Palacios. In the middle is the woman both are trying to get lucky with.

The Cardinals were in Vegas last week for some preseason tournament and it appears that Palacios and some coaches made the most of the Sin City nightlife.

From some Las Vegas publication, via the invaluable Ben Maller:

Our sources say assistant coach Walter McCarty and Palacios were in the LAX nightclub’s VIP section early Thursday with several male friends, including a young white man who appeared to be a seven-footer. Palacios, 22, is injured and has not played this year. Sixth-ranked Louisville lost to unranked Brigham Young University on Friday, 78-76.

A bottle of $400 Patron was charged to an Eric Scott‘s credit card and a bottle of Veuve Clicquot, which goes for about $300, was paid for in cash.

The school’s basketball media guide lists an Eric Scott as director of basketball operations.

A bottle of Patron is $400? Fuck. Do they lace it with heroin?

And Walter McCarty is with Louisville? Isn’t that like sacrilegious for a guy who went to Kentucky?

We have a hunch too — always trust a hunch — that Palacios’ pickup line to the pictured woman went like this:

“Hey. I’m Juan and I’m black. Once you go basketball player you never go back. Wait. Fuck…I have a gigantic penis.”


10 Responses

  1. You have to love how indignant they get at the mere mention. It looks to have been a comparatively tame night. Just the fact that they can even go to Vegas without getting rolled (by Moses Scurry?) proves that the place has been overrun by amateurs.

    I could see them paying $400 for Patron Platinum. That would be only double the retail price, making it a far better deal than paying $300 for Veuve Cliquot. That said, if they paid $400 for Patron Silver (ask Eric Scott for the receipt), they are amateurs.

  2. No wonder The Ville got beat in the Las Vegas tourney

  3. Looks like the NCAA investigation team is going to need a hotel in Louisville for the next few weeks…

  4. Looks like that that chick has an extra chromosome.

  5. Louisville sucks gigantic peni.

  6. Fuck the bastard that took that pic and fuck the bastard bar for letting it happen. Your just jealous because you can’t get any girls, you can’t get any girls because your GAY! Here’s a thought, go fuck your mother….. (again). GO CARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Juan Palacios is from Columbia. And BYU is a good team.

  8. Further proof that he’s an amateur…in the picture, he’s got a blotch on his shirt from spilling his drink. There’s no way this chump scored any tail out there.

  9. chris you’re an idiot, don’t use scientific terms that you don’t understand until you can use them properly. Everyone has a set of Chromosomes, men are XY and women are XX… Sometimes it’s just a bad picture… If you go on the site there are other pictures of the same girl that are much better than this one. Why don’t you get back to the whole purpose for this article and the comments instead of making rude comments about someone who’s done nothing to deserve the ridicule.

  10. I personally have to defend Juan because he is not a “party animal.” He didn’t plan on going to the club, but he tagged along because they asked him to go. Juan DOES NOT drink alcohol WHATSOEVER, and the woman in the picture is actually the other man’s girlfriend. In Louisville, Juan has been taking some major heat from the media, and it’s not fair. AND THAT’S THE TRUTH.

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