Big Picture Categories: Former bowl games

King’s Cup might be the best drinking game out there. Everyone has their own version, there’s ample drinking and sometimes — on a few lucky occasions — hot chicks end up naked. One of the best “games” in King’s Cup is Categories, which often is represented by the Jack card. In Categories, the person who draws the card says a category (fast food joints, baseball stadiums, etc.) and everyone must go around the circle naming one until somebody stumbles. When that person fucks up, they drink. Make sense? Good.

It’s coming time for bowl season, the most wonderful time of the year (says ESPN). While there are about 800 bowls from December until early January, there are plenty of others that were either short-lived or had a name change. It’s time we remember those fallen bowls.

Today’s category then will be naming all those former bowl games that no longer exist. Ones that are still around in the same location, but have changed names totally count in today’s game. So mention ’em. We’ll start and you guys continue in the comments. You can go again after every five comments. First person to mess up gets a free trip to Hell…err…the Sun Bowl in El Paso.

We’ll start with one of those bowl games you’d usually pass on in favor of Seinfeld reruns: the Copper Bowl. (Currently called the Insight Bowl).

All right, football fans. Spew your bowl knowledge in the comments.

75 Responses

  1. I always remember The Blockbuster Bowl. With a name like that you would have expected more…..but no.

  2. Peach Bowl!!

  3. Salad Bowl – for real!!!

  4. the bowl.

    yeah, UVA played in that one. Go Hoos!

  5. The Tangerine Bowl

    Stiles, you are correct, My Redhawks played in that in the 70’s.

  6. Bluebonnet Bowl….
    Cherry Bowl….
    Any game Notre Dame gets a fraud invite to….

    By the way jmc, I was at the bowl when UVA “attended”. They are still looking for the truck that ran them over.

    But, greatest acronym sign ever at that game. It was broadcast by TBS and one fan had a sign that read:



  7. California Bowl – go MAC

  8. Raisin Bowl

  9. Anyone remember the Poulan Weed Eater Independance Bowl? Has there even been a sponsership that made less sense than that?!?

  10. Garden State Bowl – just what everybody aspires for; a good season and a trip to play in the frigid swamps of New Jersey.

  11. Garden State Bowl

  12. how bout the john hancock bowl

  13. The John Hancock Bowl

  14. Humanitarian Bowl – on the smurf turf.

    Gallery Furniture Bowl in Houston I think.

  15. Ah, as an Illinois fan I have fond memories of the MicronPc.Com bowl where we rolled over UVA by like 40points. God bless the Kurt Kittner era.

    I do miss the late 90’s Aloha Bowl/ Oahu Bowl double-header though, used to be the best part of Christmas day.

    Now it’s just called the Hawaii Bowl (real original) and played before christmas boo……

  16. Seattle Bowl, though this really should be resurrected as the Starbucks Bowl.

    Can you imagine the swag the players could score?? Some CD’s, a cappucino machine, a caramel-machiatto, a few mugs. Man, that’d be sweet.

  17. The Pack-A-Bowl played in Amsterdam

  18. Bacarcardi Bowl
    Gotham Bowl
    Hula Bowl (all-star game)

  19. The All-American Bowl played in Birmingham. As a kid, I watched a Spurrier coached Duke team lose to Texas Tech.

  20. The Humanitarian Bowl used to be played on the blue turf in Boise. It’s apparently still going on but the name has changed through MPC Computers Bowl but this year will return to glory and a new sponsor: The Roady’s Humanitarian Bowl. The Humanitarian Bowl? Where the hell did that come from?

  21. Carquest Bowl anyone

  22. The stupid Capital One Bowl used to be called the Florida Citrus Bowl.

  23. I beleive there was a short lived bowl game in Toledo, Ohio called the Glass Bowl!

  24. The Cigar bowl. Played in Havana I think.

  25. Don’t forget the Freedom Bowl in Anaheim? Who can forget the sight of Larry Smith’s mediocre USC team of the early 1990s losing to RENT Dilfer and the Fresno State Bulldogs. Fight on, indeed…

  26. It was also called the Astro-Bluebonnet Bowl when played at the Astrodome.

  27. Who can forget the Oahu Bowl, part of a football doubleheader extravaganza with the Aloha Bowl (which became the Seattle Bowl before returning to Hawaii as the, you guessed it, the Hawaii Bowl.).

  28. silicon valley classic

  29. There was a Tobacco Bowl that was played in Richmond, VA back in the 1950’s to early 1960’s.

  30. Going way back…

    The Aviation Bowl in Dayton, Ohio.

    Nothing says “reward” like playing in front of 3500 people in Dayton…in December!

    Mercifully, they only played it once (1961).

  31. The Boardwalk Bowl.

    Played inside Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City.

  32. Even worse than playing in the Aviation Bowl would have been having to play in the ‘Refrigerator Bowl’ in Evansville, Indiana.

  33. what about the Lingerie Bowl?!

  34. Hall of Fame Bowl

  35. Gaylord Hotels Music City Bowl…they must have some other sponsor now

  36. The San Francisco Bowl.

  37. There was an Oyster Bowl in Norfolk, VA many moons ago. If memory serves, Roger Staubach and Navy beat the Pitt Panthers with a “sleeper” play (since outlawed).

  38. What about the Emerald Bowl

    That was a real winner

  39. The Toilet Bowl – this will be Mizzou’s first year not playing in it!

  40. how about the Smoke A Bowl

  41. Some other old school bowls:
    Junior Rose Bowl/Pasadena Bowl
    Harbor Bowl
    Great Lakes Bowl
    Oil Bowl

  42. The popcorn bowl, as seen on the smash TV hit “Coach”

  43. what about the toilet bowl, i believe they play it at giants stadium in jersey

  44. ok the Continental Tire Bowl (which UVA won twice) – it’s now the Meineke car care bowl. Also, the bowl we were talking about became the Champs Sports bowl – and UVA might be headed back there this year.

  45. Garden State Bowl. they should put that back. they need a bowl game in the Northeast

  46. continental tires bowl

  47. The Cherry Bowl used to be played in the Pontiac Silverdome.

    I’d like to see bowl games with appropriate sponsors .i.e, the Q-Tip Cotton Bowl, The Sunkist Orange Bowl, The 1-800-Flowers Rose Bowl, The Domino Sugar Bowl and beacuse it’s such a great marriage between the sponsor and the bowl, let’s bring it back as the Virgin Records Cherry Bowl

  48. I don’t believe you boys caught the Aloha Bowl. There was also a Gotham Bowl back in the day.

  49. Camellia Bowl – Sacramento

    Dixie Bowl – Do not know where played

  50. Haka Bowl–the brain child of former 49ers LB Riki ellison and New Zealand native. Played in New Zealand… ONCE!

    Holiday Bowl–Best wide open game of them all!!! A WAC team rolling 600 yards on O AND D!!! Back in the 80’s and 90’s before rolling that kind of yardage was common!
    Kickoff Classic–NOT a bowl but the best game NY/NJ/CT residents woul ever see in their backyards before Rutgers and UCONN were good!

  51. The Dixie Classic was played in Dallas in 1922, 1925, and 1934. The Dixie Bowl was played in Birmingham in 1948 and 1949.

  52. I’m pretty sure that one year (at least) it was called the “Astro Bluebonnet Bowl”, which really is pretty bad.

  53. gallery bowl, bitches!

    and the peach bowl isn’t around anymore? is it just the chick-fil-a bowl now?

  54. I don’t believe you boys caught the Aloha Bowl. There was also a Gotham Bowl back in the day.

  55. can anyone verify was there an Amos Alonzo Stagg bowl at sometime, i seem to remember that as a kid.

  56. Freedom Bowl in Anaheim

  57. Amos Alonzo Stagg Bowl still goes on every year. It’s the Division III championship.

  58. Las Vegas Bowl

  59. The Aviation Bowl in Dayton, Ohio in 1961.
    New Mexico beat Western Michigan in a snow storm. New Mexico’s last bowl win – until this year!

  60. there was an Aluminum Bowl played once in Little Rock AR

  61. All of the following were actual bowl games:

    The Clara Bow(l) named after the actress and played once in 1928

    The Dust Bowl played once in 1936

    The Cereal Bowl played once in 1937

    The Dixiecrat Bowl played twice in 1948 and 1949

    The Punch Bowl played once in 1955

    The Academic Standards Bowl played once in 1980

    The Y2K Bowl played once in 1999

    The DiSecco Extra Cheese Four-Meat Rising Crust All-Natural Ingredient “Just say, ‘Pizza Pleez-ah'” Frozen Pizza Bowl played once in 2005.

    (Information from

  62. How about the Poulan Weedwacker Bowl?

  63. From some site called cigarcyclopedia

    “Of course there was a college bowl game named for cigars! The Cigar Bowl was played in Tampa, the hotbed of U.S. cigar-making from 1947-54, between college-division teams”

  64. The Can-Am Bowl

  65. Houston Astrodome

    Home of the Blue Bonnett Bowl

  66. there was a Y2K bowl? That’s fucked up!

  67. The stupid Continental TIRE Bowl. BC had to go there once.

  68. This website has all defunct bowls:

  69. Though it was a regular season game Notre Dame played Miami in Tokyo during the 70s and the game was called the Mirage Bowl.

  70. The Amos Alonzo Stagg Bowl is the D-III Championship Game is is played every year

  71. Or you could just go to Wikipedia and check out all the bowls there….

  72. The IBM OS/2 Fiesta Bowl, the year they plastered the OS/2 logo on the field in 28 places. (1992 I think)

  73. how bout the “Soul Glo Bowl”

  74. bacardi bowl in cuba, auburn’s first bowl game that also gave us great match-ups like LSU vs Havana University

  75. I’m 62 now, but I sort of remember the Aviation Bowl in Dayton OH, December 1961. I was sophmore drummer in the Fairborn HS Marching Band and we marched in a parade to the stadium and played during the half-time. It was frigid cold and sleeting. And during the march to the stadium on city steets, we had to cross the bridge over the river. It was bowed and on the way up and down the curved surface of the icy bridge, many of the band members lost their footing, fell down and simply slid down the slippery pavement, taking a few others with them as they careened by.

    Michael McPeck

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