Rumor: Erin Andrews to be in Playboy

That rumor? We just started it. Quick, spread the word. Maybe we can make it happen!

But isn’t that where this is going, anyway? Andrews, who prior to winning Playboy’s Sexiest Sportscaster, got some recognition on this site by beating out other female sportscasters in a 16-person tournament. But with her Internet fame, good looks and interesting sideline reports, what’s next?

Gotta be Playboy. You just know the popular magazine is offering her at least a million to do a nude spread. And with her soaring popularity, Andrews’ cover would fly off newsstands.

But maybe she doesn’t want to pose nude. Agggh, who are we kidding? She’s gonna do Playboy. Oooh, or Hustler. She should totally do Hustler.


10 Responses

  1. I’d love to see her spread her legs in Playboy….it would be the biggest selling Playboy ever…to finally see that tight ass of hers…to see how big her nipples get….oh, to see if she shaves….

    Ahhh, anyway, I’m digressing – and getting hot and bothered….honestly, I don’t see it happening because if she did spread for Playboy, she would lose her job and probably not be able to get back into the television business….

    There is no doubt that she is not going to just be a sideline reporter her whole career….but spreading for Playboy is highly doubtful

  2. (awaiting response from NFL Adam)

  3. NFL Adam: I would rather see Linda Cohn nude. And since she’s tied up in the basement drinking out of a dog dish, I think I will.

  4. oh please… please please please make this happen

  5. Figures, since she has no talent and her looks will fade soon she might as well get a paycheck for shaking her ass since some guys actually think she’s hot.
    Probably just attracted to any chick who talks about sports.

  6. by the way, if any ESPN chick should appear it should be Shannon Spake! rrroowr!

  7. The picture accompanying the post totally looks like that dude hauling cables is brushing up against her ass. And she knows he’s doing it by the way she’s looking at the camera and smirking.

    Ok, maybe I was just staring at that picture too long.

  8. haha, dr. smooth. in a porno, that photo would totally turn to an on-field gangbang.

  9. If only real life were more like a porno, we would all be better off.

  10. If she posed, she would be the kind of person that would show a 1/4 butt shot and maybe one breast.


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