Would you do…Viking Girl Krisandra?

Why we might:

The easy answer: Nice rack.

The more in-depth answer: In her profile, two words she chooses to describe herself are “passionate” and “dreamer.”

Read: sex then sleep. Perfect.

Perhaps we’re reading like waaay too far in to this, but what straight male wants to cuddle after doin’ some banging? Unless you’re making love, we suppose, then cuddling’s all right. But c’mon, you don’t make love to a girl like Krisandra. You bone her dry and then pass out…and she fully acknowledges this. Splendid.

Why we might not:

The easy answer: 1970 wants its hairstyle back, thanks.

The more in-depth answer: Krisandra? Really? It’s like her parents couldn’t decide between Kristina and Kassandra, and shoved the two names together, making it destiny that she’d either become a stripper, hooker, or, well, a cheerleader.

She’s also married…presumably to a guy who doesn’t call her by her first name. Marriage is a minor hurdle in this game, but a hurdle is a hurdle and we’ve been known to get our proverbial foot caught. (Did that make sense? We’ve never fooled around with a married woman, if that’s what you’re thinking. We once fell on the track after not jumping high enough, though).

The answer: She coulda been in Fargo and if she says, “Don’t cha know?,” or “I was just out shootin’ some elk,” with a strong Minnesota accent, we’ll go drinkless and do the hippity-hoppity all night. Fuck it. We’ll even address her by first name.

If she talks accent free, well, her funbags look fun. She’s not hot, not cute, but definitely not ugly. Certainly not paper bag material. Let’s call it — again, accent free — three Long Islands and Fargo playing in the background.

All right, folks. The polls are open. But don’t shy away from the comments. Maybe if you kiss her, you’ll pick up a Minnesota accent. Then again, with a name like Krisandra, you might not want to kiss her.

(Big ups to “robinson” for pointing us in the right direction.)

Would you do…Krisandra?
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28 Responses

  1. FUCK YES I WOULD DO HER!!!!!!!!

    Her hair???….her name???…fuck that shit…

    Anyone who would not tap this piece of ass is a born liar!!!

  2. I said no, which is very rare for me. I dunno, she just isn’t good looking to me. But she has a nice body (as most cheerleaders do) so if you gave me 6-7 long islands I’d probably go for it.

  3. Maybe its because I’m in my 40s, have been married forever (to a gorgeous woman, but still . . .) and don’t drink much, but all the women shown so far have been eminantly doable. I simply don’t understand the negative votes. It’s one night (or, for some guys, five minutes) out of your life, and you get to orgasm. Tell me what could possibly deter you from wanting that.

  4. If this 50 year old skank is considered hot in Minnesota then, not to self, never go to Minnesota.

    Way to suck up to your wife on a blog, george.

  5. gmoney: If my wife saw the “but still” part, I’d be on the couch for a week. Not exactly sucking up in my part of the world.

  6. I agree with George….shit, you get to unload your load either on this chick’s rack, on her face, or down her throat…who gives a fuck…it’s not like she is nasty!!!!

  7. I’d split that shit wide open.

  8. McChung has the right idea!!!!

  9. id tell kris get doggy or get out

  10. Yeah I agree with the “not hot, not cute, but not ugly.” This looks like someone your 55 year old uncle would nudge you and say “bet she could make a real man out of you” and proceeds to creepily stare at her while likely making a real effort to get an erection.

  11. All I remember about about Fargo (the movie) is those accents. I couldn’t pay attention because there were no hot chics in the movie. Having spent a day in that cow town, I got a solitary kick out of the accents…and didn’t find any hot chics.

    This broad definitely has to soften up on that make up. That said, in a bar with a few in me, I don’t pass this up. You hit this broad and you leaver her in the street. If you see her again, you act like you don’t know her.

  12. I’m with bokolis…too much makeup for my tastes.

    Maybe it’s a yes after 3 or 4 shots of Bushmill’s, but I actually voted no on this one.

  13. I voted no. But I’m in the middle of a dry spell, so my vote was a full on lie. Like everybody else has mentioned, liquor would need to be involved. But I’m not good looking enough to pass up a chance with a dance team member.

  14. Another Vikings chick that looks mildly retarded up-close. If you click through the pics on her profile, she goes from a 7 or so at a distance to a solid 2 or 3 when she’s up in your face.

    Rarely do I vote no, but this chick is even beneath my standards.

  15. shes probably been with mike miller too

  16. Before I answer I need to know, does my wife read this blog? If she does my answer is of course I would never even think about another woman when I have the most beautiful woman in the world at home.

    I she doesn’t read this blog my answer is, I would bend that blonde over the bench during half time until she shrieked the Star Spangled Banner!

  17. Hell YES – The rest of you – What a bunch of fools – she is an attractive woman, nice rack, and not a skank like the last bitch from ASU, I mean, from diseased porn star university.

  18. she isnt the hottest chick ever, but you are flat out lying or a fucking flamer if you say you wouldnt do her. she is an nfl cheerleader for christ sake.

  19. Look at her – of course I would do her and so would the rest of you. Standards – hell – we are voting in this poll – no one here has any standards!

  20. terrible name, nice chest, mediocre face, good figure. It’s cold in Minnesota – use her thighs as a good set of ear muffs, give me 2 drinks and an all nighter.

  21. how old is this chick? fifty? no way.

  22. Good God – what idiots – she’s hotter than you losers will ever get.

  23. Anyone who says no to doing a cheerleader, unless u know she has herpes or some other STD, is gay. You know she has to have a hot body if she is an NFL cheerleader and probably is easy since most of them bang or blow someone to get the job. Who cares about the face? Its not a 10 but Ill take the hot body any day, so when are you bringing her to my house?

  24. Standards…What are standards, hell I’ll do anything after a beer or 7.

  25. a big thumbs DOWN!

    What’s with that hair and costume, anyway?

    not to mention the tidbit below–she might have spider reflux!!! Now THAT’S Sexy!

    Fact that many people do not know about you: Krisandra placed #11 on VH1s Top 20 Hit Reality TV Moments for eating live African cave dwelling spiders on Fear Factor the Las Vegas episode.

  26. she gets an 8 on the ole skankometer!

  27. 4 girls on the list so far and she should be #2. The ASU slut belongs on the bottom (where she is used to being!)

  28. Voting no for this babe is idiotic, I’d enjoy watching that rag doll hair flying everywhere while banging her.

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