Vote for us…or else

There’s this site called Busted Coverage that has a great idea that’s terribly executed. They neatly put 64 blogs in an NCAA Tourney-like bracket to duke it out for bragging rights.

Though, rather than go with readership, talent or penis size, they went with Ballhype rankings, which are about the biggest load of shit on the Internet.

Anyway, we’re a No. 16 up against FanHouse. We need lots of your help, though we’ll totally lose, regardless. But make it more respectable. (Vote for us here). And feel free to leave a comment over at Busted Coverage about how the seedings are bogus.

Because they are. If seeding was done strictly on penis size, we’d be a top seed. We’d probably, somehow, be all four top seeds.

9 Responses

  1. I did, I did, Jesus Christ, calm down.

  2. voted for you guys as well. us sports-loving jews gotta stick together.

  3. Someone appears to be having a bit of PMS.

  4. Got your back!!!

  5. I’m think I’m gonna vote for Fanhouse

  6. We tried our best.

    At least you’re in the tourney.

  7. thanks, busted. just playin. it’s really a great idea we’re jealous we didn’t come up with first!

  8. I’d love to vote for you, but I carry NCAA FanHouse.

  9. I voted twice…even so, I think that Kerry did better in Idaho. A small hiccup on your path toward world domination.

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