Bowl gifts are fun and neat and free

The Poinsettia Bowl is this evening.

Utah. Navy. Pre-cum is forming.

The games don’t mean very much and watching Utah and Navy play a meaningless football game, in a half-empty stadium with a shitty flower for a name might be as exciting as watching your pubic hair grow.

Rather than watch the game, just know that the players, regardless of the outcome, will score some pretty cool gifts, just for showing up. Go 8-4, get a free trip to San Diego and receive a PSP Slim, Madden ’08 and some clothing. Not bad for lousy bowl.

iPods and other electronics (camcorders, game consoles, GPS) are big this year. And clothes. Lots of clothes. You can see the full list of bowl shwag here.

Some other hightlights:

Pioneer Las Vegas Bowl: Apple iPod touch; Under Armour Aero sackpack; Cap. That iPod touch is probably pretty cool and the cap is probably instant pussy. The players could probably do without the sackpack though. Maybe something more Las Vegas-related would be better. Say, oh, a Penn & Teller show.

Pacific Life Holiday Bowl: Nintendo Wii, Madden NFL 08; Fossil watch; Sweatshirt or polo (TBD), cap. Again with the cap. These must be fucking awesome caps. Total pussy-finders. And you know that ASU coach Dennis Erickson will be losing sleep not knowing if he’s coming up on a sweatshirt or polo.

Champs Sports Bowl: Party at Best Buy; $400 Best Buy gift card for each player; Timely Watch Co. watch; Panama Jack sunglasses; Panama Jack T-shirt, hat. A party at Best Buy?! Whoa! We’re envisioning dancing camcorders, singing TVs and laptops trying to spike the punch. With plenty of streamers and party hats, of course.
Texas Bowl: Watch; Duffel bag; Hoodie, T-shirt, cap, Nocona cowboy boots. It’s too bad Bill Snyder doesn’t coach K-State anymore. He would’ve been a knock out in the cowboy boots.
The National Championship game isn’t that sweet. Pretty much just a Wii and some games. You know that Les Miles was holding out for that party at Best Buy.

6 Responses

  1. What the fuck is up with some of these bowl not telling what they are giving….they are probably giving these kids some cheap shit like a bowl game poster and a hat…

    The ipods are great!!

  2. I’d kill for a “cap”.

    I like the mormons to beat the seamen tonight.

  3. they get an iPod Touch?!

    I’ll give you something you can touch…

  4. Mmmm…pre-cum. Let me lick it off, Champ.

  5. On second thought, how ’bout using it to lube up my sphincter, tiger.

  6. Rumor has it that the MVP of the BCS championship gets…the two hookers and blow from your State Farm post. The kicker, of course, is that the player (playa) will do bumps off the hookers’/strippers’ nipples…and they will reciprocate by doing lines off the hramm.

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