The NFL is a friend of the environment

Great news, people: The NFL is going green for the Super Bowl!

The NFL is planting thousands of trees in Arizona forests blackened by wildfires
to help offset greenhouse gas emissions from the Super Bowl, to be played in Glendale in February. The league will also power University of Phoenix Stadium with clean energy sources from wind turbines to geothermal plants.

Wait, there are forests in Arizona? Really? Like, with trees? We fuck around in ‘Zona every year and it’s flush with cacti, but those are plants, which are smaller, less cool trees. Perhaps the NFL is planting a cacti forest. That, actually, would be pretty rad.

Turns out the tree-planting effort will offset the 350 tons of greenhouse gas produced by ground transportation during Super Bowl week, which, we’re told by scientists, is a lot.

We still aren’t buying this global warming business – the high in Seattle this summer was 68 degrees (we kid: It was 74) – but, hey, score one for nature.

So there you have it: NFL, environment — BFFs. Al Gore must be so proud.

Adam Landres-Schnur

5 Responses

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  2. hey…very good NFL blog man.

  3. Wouldn’t planting those trees bring up bad memories for all USC alumni in the area?

  4. Now if the NFL could just kill ManBearPig then Al Gore could rest in peace.

  5. don’t you remember that manbearpig was killed by jesus with the ak47 or whatever gun butters gave him. so gore can sleep safe and sound on his private jet. jets don’t pollute or anything, do they?

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