Big Picture Categories: Sports families

King’s Cup might be the best drinking game out there. Everyone has their own version, there’s ample drinking and sometimes — on a few lucky occasions — hot chicks end up naked. One of the best “games” in King’s Cup is Categories, which often is represented by the Jack card. In Categories, the person who draws the card says a category (fast food joints, baseball stadiums, etc.) and everyone must go around the circle naming one until somebody stumbles. When that person fucks up, they drink. Make sense? Good.

No too relevant, but damn, there are a lot of families who have had multiple members play sports. Brothers, father and sons, cousins…sports are a big, incestuous community.

Today’s category will be naming all players, coaches, etc. who have had a relative play in a professional sports league. Let’s keep it to the big four (MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL). Relatives don’t have to have played at the same time. We’ll start and you guys continue in the comments. You can go again after every five comments. First person to fuck up has to pound some bottom-shelf vodka and chase it with bottom-shelf gin.

We’ll start with an obvious one: the Griffeys.

All right, people. Spit your knowledge of sports’ best families in the comments.


42 Responses

  1. Go Giants! The Bonds family!

  2. The Mannings (Archie and Peyton)…

    I don’t think Eli counts just yet…

  3. Thomas (Ny Jets) & Julius (Cowboys) Jones

  4. The Barrys…

  5. The all Ripken middle infield (Cal and Billy) with dad managing.

  6. The Kleckos….father-son combo in football

  7. The Marion Barbers

  8. The other Barbers, Tiki and Ronde.

  9. the Simms Phil and Chris

  10. The Agilar Bros. of Chico’s Bail Bonds Fame – Miguel & Luis.

  11. The Wilkins (NBA)

  12. Boone’s-

  13. The Giambi’s and Canseco’s!!!

  14. Horace and Harvey Grant sombitch u gotta love those goggles!

  15. Dolph and Danny Schayes…didnt danny run that really classic hair style??

  16. Stephen and JD Drew

  17. The Longs (Howie and Chris)

  18. The Howes (Gordie and Mark)

  19. The Tuiasasopo’s in the NFL.
    The Boone’s in MLB.
    The Neikro’s in the MLB.
    The Perry’s in the NFL (Michael Dean and the fridge.)
    The McGwire’s (Big Mac in the MLB and Dan in the NFL)
    I could go on with this one.

  20. MLB- Bells

  21. Brothers Ray Lewis and Keon Lattimore (Keon is graduating this year from UMD… You’ll hear his name draft day)

  22. gramaticas! bill tearing his acl (acl?) when celebrating is one of the greatest things ever!

  23. The Hawes; Steve & Spencer.

  24. The Ayanbadejo’s (NFL)

    Obafemi and his brother, Brendon.

  25. Adam and Zach Landres-Schnur???

  26. The NHL has the Sutters and the Staals. Don’t ask me how I know that I don’t even follow hockey.

    The Hefty Lefties (Jared and Tyler Lorenzen)

    The Mexicos (Mike and Marcus Vick)

    Are the Rolles (Sumari, Antrell, Myron) related?

  27. how could we forget the Youngs? Dmitri and the one and true savage Delmon

  28. The Peyton’s (Walter and his sorry ass son)

  29. Paul and Steve Kariya
    Keith and Wayne Primeau
    Eric and Brett Lindros
    all in the NHL

  30. The Rolles say they are distant counsins. See the SI article in one of the last couple issues.

    Brian and Marcus Giles
    Greg Maddox and his brother (I forgot his name).

  31. The Alomars, Roberto and Sandy

  32. Hairston’s dad Jerry sons Jerry Jr and Scott and i believe jerrys brother as well but cant recall his name

  33. Ken Norton and Ken Norton Jr

  34. Bob and Brian Griese

  35. The Sedin twins, Henrik and Daniel, for the Vancouver Canucks.

  36. Jerry & Cory Brewer? There was an article in the Times… if sportswriters count.

  37. Ty & Koy Detmer, the Eagles failures

  38. Hasselback’s father and son and son

  39. The Jucinest family in sports, Jason and Jeremy Giambi.

  40. dave, shelley, and chris duncan

  41. mahre brothers, of world cup sking fame

  42. Hank and Tommie Aaron
    George and Dick Sisler
    Joe and Dom and Vince Dimaggio
    Rick and Paul Reuschel
    Tom and Jim and John Paciorek
    Ramon and Pedro Martinez
    Ruben Amaro and Ruben Amaro Jr.
    The Hanson Brothers (ok, fictional but still worth a mention)

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