Snoozer of an NFL Sunday

Some things that might have been more entertaining than either of Sunday’s playoff games:

-playing Checkers with your dog
-taking a perfect, one-wipe shit
-making objects out of clouds
-listening to Joe Buck call a city council meeting
-local car commercials on loop

On a related note, we fucking hate Philip Rivers. Lot of talk for a guy who isn’t really an established stud yet. His arrogance and cockiness is completely uncalled for.

We would do some fucked up shit to him involving a lead pipe, rope or wrench if we ever came across him in the kitchen, library or billiards room.

We didn’t really watch either game, for said reasons above, like they were more boring than watching your fingernails grow. Instead we had a Lost Season 3 marathon and thought about masturbating.


6 Responses

  1. Rivers is a bitch, but the SD-TEN game was actually kind of interesting. I mean, it was a close game, so there’s that.

  2. As a supporter, I watched the Giant game while it was relevant. Found better shit to do. Only caught the kneel-down portion of the Chargers. The Bucs have themselves and their “top-ranked” defense to blame for losing. Any defense that can’t get Eli to throw at least two picks sucks.

  3. I watched Alabama Jones and the Busty Crusade…a cinematic masterpiece.

    I guarantee that after the season, when Rivers goes back to the deep South in which he was born and raised, he still has slaves.

  4. Or,as Marcellus Wallace of Pulp Fiction might say”We’re gonna get some real hardcore pipe-swingin’ niggas…get the pliers and blowtorches and go medieval on Rivers’ sorry ass.”

  5. anyone see pam oliver on sunday?????

  6. Yeah! Rivers, the last time I checked, is *white*!!

    WTF is he doing talking during a game???

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