UNC escapes Clemson, Lou Gossett Jr. look-alike

On the left is Clemson coach Oliver Purnell who has a website and blog and an orange blazer that he wore when his Tigers took on North Carolina Sunday night. Brutal loss for the Tigers, by the way. That Wayne Ellington sure can play.

On the right, is famed actor Louis Gossett Jr. who you probably know best from the “Iron Eagle” movies. Though our fondest memory of Lou is from “Toy Soldiers,” a fucking awesome semi-shoot-’em-up with an early Sean Astin as a bad ass before he sold out and became a fucking elf or whatever he was in those Ring movies.

We haven’t quite gotten in to the spirit of college hoops yet (anyone share that same sentiment?), though Sunday’s ACC thriller certainly was fun. But for how much the BCS ruins college football, that every-game-counts mentality definitely makes the regular season interesting. Even though conference play has begun, we’re just not sold on the story lines yet. Maybe it’s just a down year. Thoughts?

Though our Washington Huskies (5-13 from the line won’t beat a top-5 team, dammit!) have given us reason early on to tear our apartment apart…what reader JMC refers to as an “Ikea game.” Think about it…


5 Responses

  1. Nice look alike, except I don’t think I’ve seen or heard of either one of them before. Come to think of it, that actually helps the look alike concept.

  2. Any minute now, Al Sharpton will show up to call you a rascist. He’ll paint the picture that you’re implying that all black dudes look alike, or some shit like that…be prepared.

    I only watch as much college BB as necessary to fill out brackets. Basketball, to me, is like NASCAR.

  3. Lou Gosset has always been an advocate of the 3-2 defense, and it showed last night.

  4. Lou Gossett, Jr’s finest role was as the dickead in An Officer and a Gentleman. Fantastic actor. I wish he would come out of the stands and choke out Tyler Hansbrough.

  5. Iron Eagle was an awesome movie! Thanks for the reminder.

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