A FOX producer was either in a marching band or plugged up a band member with a clarinet

Our friends at Awful Announcing told you all about how ridiculous FOX’s coverage of the Orange Bowl was last week. According to AA, FOX cameras found a band member from either team 110 times, which is about 108 times too many.

Things weren’t much better for Monday’s National Championship. Those fucking bands were on TV more than the teams. We didn’t count the shots, but it was probably about two hundred thousand. Bloody hell.

American Pie told you all the goodies that happen at band camp, so we were crossing our fingers we’d get a shot of a trumpet player getting sodomized with a trombone or a shot of the sultry saxophonist getting a facial from the drum line.

Meanwhile, after about 900 looks at the Ohio State band, we’ve fully decided they are dressed more appropriately for war than for football. They look like the French fucking army. Those berets are a combination of hideous and horrendous.

But hey, Thom Brennaman was fucking great. The same enthusiasm you’d hear for a preseason game. Thanks, Thom.


8 Responses

  1. couldn’t agree more. i talked about the same thing this a.m. prior to heading over to you guys.


    Also, is it me or did Charles Davis sing the praises of LSU’s offensive coordinator an inordinate number of times?

  2. thank god college football is over. I could watch the Buckeyes embarrass themselves every day.

  3. I hate Brutus the Buckeye. WTF is a Buckeye anyway? Is it a big faggy looking dork in a striped shirt with megalocephaly?

  4. just as we all thought that game was a real thriller. I’m just positive that those were the two best teams in the country and nobody else deserved a shot at a title. We don’t need a playoff. that would be silly.< /sarcasm>

    Actually, as much as I hate Fox, I don’t mind seeing the bands. To me, the bands are one of the big reasons why I love college football and why it’s different from the NFL. But you’re right, they OSU band uniforms suck.

  5. Wow, JMC are you kidding me??? You like the bands? What a frickin loser. No self respecting football fan would ever say they enjoy seeing the bands. Either you are some pansy a$$ wuss who knows nothing about sports or you are a fat woman.

  6. Oh, c’mon! You mean to say that none of you liked that faggy field goal contest between the two alums? You’d think they’d have Eddie George doing nutcrackers with (insert former LSU LB in similar age bracket).

    I don’t see what the fuss is about the bands. Listening doesn’t inhibit surfing porn sites.

  7. That head on Brutus looks like a testicle….


  8. It’s not like we were missing much on the field as they showed the bands. Could you ask for a worse national championship? It’s time for a playoff, I say!

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