American Gladiators Welcomes Corporate Sponsors

The new American Gladiators debuted this week on NBC, and was a hit among adults 18-49, the prime targets of advertisers. Due to this strong start, the network has quickly decided to infuse future episodes of the program with corporate sponsorship, product placements, and related tie-ins. The first agreement will make-over the Joust event, finally allowing the Gladiators who fight with giant Q-Tips to actually use giant Q-Tips®.

NBC reached an agreement with the Q-Tips® brand, and parent company Unilever, to create giant Q-Tips® to be used in place of the pugil sticks that have been a staple of the Joust event since the series’ conception in 1989. The event itself will change little, other than the name which will change from simply “Joust,” to “Joust presented by Q-Tips®.”

Other events will also receive similar corporate sponsorship. Although not yet confirmed by NBC, sources indicate that the following agreements are in negotiation:

-Assault will now use exclusively Wilson brand tennis balls and will be known as “Wilson® Assault.”

-Hang Tough will become “The Krazy Glue® Hang Tough Event.”

-Hit and Run will be sponsored by Geico car insurance and the Geico gecko will be painted on all the demolition balls.

-Powerball will become “Powerball presented by the Multi-State Lottery Association” and will feature winning lotto numbers being drawn based on the balls used to score during the event.

-The Eliminator will become the “Depend® Eliminator” with the new slogan: The Obstacle Course so difficult, it might make you go in your pants.

-And of course the show itself will change titles to “American Gladiators presented by BALCO.”



8 Responses

  1. hint: click on the picture for a larger version, that’s fun!

  2. nice work, i wouldn’t be very surprised actually

  3. Well done…yet another reason not to watch TV. I’d attribute any ratings success to XFL-type curiosity, although there must be quite a few mongoloids that will actually look forward to this.

    Case and point: I was recently at a bar where the old version was showing on one screen. I got a chuckle, as in, what mongoloid puts this on in a bar, especially when there are live sporting events going on? Just then, the juice-head bartender walks up and, seeing me chuckle, says, “Like old friends, right?”

    Right. Accordingly, I applied your theory on tipping.

  4. Crush is smoking hot. AG is great, I don’t care how corny it is.

  5. Why isn’t the new Siren deaf? The last one was….it was so much hotter.

  6. jamie, you’re a genius. you should start writing this blog. the guy who normally does it is a fucking tool.

  7. The new one actually isn’t too bad. It’s just as corny, but with Hulk Hogan there to call everyone brother at the end of every sentence.

    To make it more fun though, check out my American Gladiators Drinking Game blog post…

    A great excuse to get drunk on a Monday night.

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