Would you do…USC Song Girl Christine?

Why we might:

The easy answer: She’s a Delta Gamma, known at most American universities as “Dirty Girls.”

The more in-depth answer: Her bio says her hobbies include, “traveling (especially internationally), watching sports, eating ice cream out of the carton, and, of course, dancing.”

Hey, three out of four ain’t bad. We fucking love eating ice cream out of the carton. If you put it in a bowl, it gets all melty and shit. That’s fucked. We like our ice cream soft as much as the next guy, but just let it sit in the container for a few minutes after taking it out of the freezer.

And we could travel with Christine to “especially international” places. And watch sports. And she could dance for us in two specific ways:

1. On a pole
2. In our lap

Why we might not:

The easy answer: Her face, somehow, looks italicized.

The more in-depth answer: According to her bio, the word that best describes Christine is “loyal.”


“Loyal” isn’t a word that bodes well for describing a cheerleader. How about “feisty,” “adventurous” or “clean?”

“Loyal” screams zero chance of threesome. That’s bad news for you, chap.

The answer: She’s cute enough that we could get liquored up and bring out that Delta Gamma in her. She strikes us as a bit too conservative for our liking, so we should probably slip something in to her drink. Kidding! (We’ll just get a homie to give her some E).

On the record, we’ll call it three Long Islands. Make it two if she’s willing to go doggy.

All right, folks. The polls are open. But don’t shy away from the comments. Bagging a Song Girl is definitely a notch on your belt, but is sweet Christine worth it?

(Big ups to our pal Rick from Stiles Points for the idea).

Would you do…Christine?
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15 Responses

  1. her face is a little… off. Maybe 4 LIs but shit, she’s a cheerleader, I’d do her.

  2. I had to vote “no” simply because I don’t think that’s an authentic picture. It’s a bad photoshop job, so I’m guessing there’s something wrong above or below the neck.

  3. No place for loyalty in “Would you do…” She’ll pay for that in the tourney.

    This helped me understand why USC has two separate squads. I always thought that it was USC’s way of separating the Grey Goose from the Absolut, with the Song Girls being the Absolut. Much obliged.

    On another note, I think I have a whole squad of pigs. Let me know where to send the link…school is lower-level D-1 basketball, if that qualifies.

  4. The easy answer: Her face, somehow, looks italicized.

    I am now probably going to get in trouble at work for the enormous chuckle that emerged from reading that…

  5. hell yeah id do her, im on a hot streak having banged 6 girls the past 2 weeks!! u gotta love young college girls comin back to their small South Dakota home town for christmas break and then pounding the fuck outta them cause ur an older more “mature” guy. haha i wouldnt need any Long Islands for this usc chic just a couple bowls and her doggy and im set

  6. You’ve only banged 6 girls in the last 2 weeks anon? What, are you deformed or something?

    And I’d fuck her if she was my sister. Actually, I have fucked my sister (don’t worry, STEP sister!), and I have no regrets. Well, except that whole pregnancy thing.

  7. If we are doing a cheerleader version of Who Would You Do, we have to include a USC Song Girl….whether you love or hate USC, you have to admit the Song Girls are some of the finest pieces of ass out there….

    So, since I picked her, I would definetly do her….ZERO LIs…

  8. I said yes, but I’m not too happy about it. That picture makes her look like a mannequin. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve banged my share of mannequins…wait, what were we talking about again?

  9. duh

  10. I thought that Jenny on the 2007 squad was hotter.

  11. So the only picture with a real shot of her face is photoshopped… the others are from a distance, an off-angle, or are just poor quality. I vote no. At least on the internet I can have some standards…

  12. I agree, it looks photo shopped. That would be a no.

  13. maybe she’s really an inflatable?

  14. Hell, I even pop a boner over Korean women, so Christine would damn near kill me. I wonder if she’s attracted to guys who haven’t been able to see their own putz in 20 years?

  15. 2 months + 6 wenches = this is taking too damn long!

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