Would you do…the Carolina Panthers girls Renee and Angela?

The easy answer: They’re lesbians.

The more in-depth answer: two gorgeous women enter Tampa nightclub. Both drink heavily. They migrate to bathroom. Lock selves in stall. One girl sits on toilet, the other gets on knees. Porn music begins to play. Those in line for the restroom get upset due to long wait, discover women having sex in stall. Fight breaks out. Everybody gets naked. Orgy breaks out.

The best part? Everything in that story is true, except for the part about the orgy. That didn’t happen. But our TopCat gals did have sex in a bathroom stall and then get in to a fight.

We couldn’t have written a better porno script ourselves.
Why we might not:

The easy answer: Mug shots are not flattering.

The more in-depth answer: We’re scared. There. We said it. It takes balls to admit that you’re scared about getting your ass kicked by a woman, but that’s the reality when you’re dealing with Renee and Angela.

They’re violent, they’re temperamental, they’re loose cannons.

We like the idea of a feisty broad — it can lead to wild, kinky bed play. But these chicks are the type who could tie you up, but a gag in your mouth and pour boiling hot canola oil over you.

The answer: They’re totally bone-able on their own and the fact that they’re willing to eat some carpet is hot, hot, hot. Women like this can be intimidating, and perhaps violent. But a few bruises and scratches is a small price to pay to bag two hotties.

Let’s call it four Long Islands for them to get in the girl-on-girl mood and, for us, some good, over-the-counter painkillers.

All right, folks. The polls are open. But don’t shy away from the comments. You willing to get crazy with two crazy TopCats?

(Hookers and blow being sent to reader Richard for the suggestion).

Would you do…Angela and Renee?
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13 Responses

  1. I would agree that Renee is at least cute, but I just don’t think I could get it up for her partner. Her face looks like a poorly arranged Mr. Potato Head doll. And what the fuck is wrong with her nose? Is that a prosthetic or something? I’ve been more inclined to fuck Jim Henson puppets.

    Therefore, I say no.

  2. Alone or together, the sex promises to be outrageous. Plan your exit strategy before engaging.

  3. You have to say yes just because threesomes are so rare in the world of blogging.

  4. it’s a rare day because I’m gonna have to go with no. If they were as hot as they are crazy I would do it, but I think they’re crazier than they are hot, and I’m scared too.

  5. 4 long islands? I pray you’re not talking Earl’s. That’s the drunk equivalent of mothering Rae Carruth’s kid.

    PS Yes.

  6. I would punch their teeth out and gumfuck them to death.

  7. Hot bitches that like it rough fight during sex? That would be like being with two Ava Devines…

  8. porno stars, cheerleaders who aren’t on squads and who are better known for bar fights? We seem to be off base with several of the selections – no

  9. I always vote ‘yes’ for every ‘Would you Do’ post.

  10. good point echelon. four earl’s long islands would put those two in the hospital.


    Once again, a bunch of BSers on here acting all moral…

  12. If the long islands render put you out of commission they could always do each other…again

  13. talk about morons – some voters obviously do not recognize the difference between morals and standards. No one who votes in such a poll has morals, but your vote may indicate at least some standards.

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