Enjoy it now, Giants fans

Remember what happened last time the Giants were in the Super Bowl?

Yeah. Ravens 34, Giants 7. And that was a Baltimore team that didn’t have an offense. One’s gotta think that New England, on its quest to piss off the rest of the country and go undefeated, is going to make short work of New York.

Unless Brady gets picked off six times, the defense only goes hard for two downs at a time and a few guys get arrested in Phoenix, this game won’t be close.

So enjoy it now, Giants fans. There won’t be much to cheer about on Feb. 3.

Archie Manning has it good these days

Fuck. Two kids go to the Super Bowl in back-to-back years? He’s like the Father of the Decade. You know Archie lives through his two NFLers, so to see each reach the Super Bowl in consecutive years, he’s got to be creaming himself.

In fact, you’d think he’s taking frequent trips to sperm banks to get more winners out in the world.

Another reason for Bostonians and New Yorkers to want to jab each other in the eye with a pencil

There doesn’t seem to be as strong a Boston-New York hatred in football as there is in baseball. But here we are again: a huge game between the two most obnoxious fan bases in the country. The shit talking will be going on for two weeks while the rest of America just sort of shrugs its shoulders and turns the other way.

The happiest Giant? The long snapper.

The only time the long snapper is mentioned is when he fucks up. And he did. But he (and kicker Lawrence Tynes) righted the ship and got the Giants the win.

Thing is, read just about any recap of the game, and we dare you to find the long snapper’s name. We just tried and failed. That’s why we’re not referring to him by name because we don’t know who the fuck he is!

Had the Giants lost in OT after missing the very makeable game-winner in regulation, we bet the long snapper’s name would’ve made most articles. Better believe he’s happy in his anonymity.

Joe Buck can lie in the middle of the fucking freeway

We know we rip on Buck a ton, enough to merit his own tag, but c’mon, this was the NFC Championship Game, and a fucking good one at that. And we might as well be watching preseason amateur bowling.

Holy fuck is Buck hard to listen to. We had the game on in the background for a while because we had some work to do. The only way we knew what happened was based on the crowd reaction. That’s not right.

Does this get Eli off the hook?

It should. Maybe he’s taken too much heat all along. But don’t think for a second The Hater Nation will let up. No way.


16 Responses

  1. I hate the Giants but there is no freaking way that they get blown out. Take the 13 points in a heartbeat.

    I’m still hoping that Archie takes his father of the year tag and goes all Chris Benoit on his sons. DSRL can suck a dick.

  2. What I find so interesting…the NYG gave NE the closest game of the season in week 17, only losing by 3 points, and the NYG are playing even better now than they were 4 weeks ago and everyone’s saying NY has no chance and it’s a 13 or 14 point favorite (the largest spread in SB history)!!???

    I mean come on, WTF?!?!

  3. by the way, I “think” the long snapper is: 93 Jay Alford

  4. carson, the largest SB spread, I believe, was the Rams giving 14.5 to the Pats.

  5. Excellent game. In the vein of bad announcing, though, I give you this:


    A blatant cheap shot from Vrabel goes uncalled, Nantz/Simms talk about how great he is.

  6. The last super bowl the Giants were in has nothing to do with this one. I agree with gmoney – no way the Giants get blown out. I might even pick them again…

  7. yeah I think this game could be close…

    or not.

    I’m pretty sure the pats will win.

  8. you guys are all-stars for coming up with Alford.

    good points about the Giants playing the pats heads up in Week 17. but i’m holding to my original stance: by the third quarter, you’ll be flipping to AMC to see what mid-90s movie is on.

  9. the funny thing about alford is that he is actually a DT, he never even played on the o-line. I never heard his name after he was drafted and figured he diserved a blog post on the big11th.

    You are right about the MSM, why not at least mention the guy after the game winner when you were ready to jump on him after the poor snap in regulation.

  10. The Jets were bigger underdogs against the spread, as were the Chargers.

    Only the scoreboard says the game was close. The Giants kicked the shit out of the Packers.

    It’s gone beyond Boston sports making NY its bitch. The Apple is infested with these miserable Bostonians. So that we don’t have to resort to (whatever a inter-city version of) ethnic cleansing, we’re going to have to work on a population exchange…starting with the fucking mayor.

  11. Getting to the Super Bowl doesn’t get you off the hook. Just ask Sexy Rexy. I hate how everyones like “oh hey man, look at Eli now, he’s about to become an elite QB”. Right, just like that Romo guy was supposed to be “elite” go to the Super Bowl? It’s called a stretch of good play. Even a blind squirrel finds a nut.

  12. I know I’ll probably get booed off the comments thread, but I just wanted to say that the slam on Cooper Manning was both uncalled for and unfair. If you did a bit of research you’d know the real story on him.

    Cooper was a senior WR when Peyton was a freshman in HS, he got a full ride to Mississippi, where he was all set to follow in his father’s footsteps, but during his redshirt year, he was diagnosed with a congenital narrowing of the spinal column, a similar condition to that which ended the career of Chris Speilman, among others. The doctor’s told him that on any given hit, he could lose the ability to walk, as such he was unfortunately forced to give up football, he’s since had several surgeries, leaving him with a limp, but both Peyton and Eli have said that he would have been with them in the NFL if he’d had a chance.

  13. All wrong, it’s New Jersey Giants, not New York. I should know, I went to Harvard, which is in Cambridge, not Boston.

    Pats: 31
    NJG: 10

  14. dave110,

    i saw that when researching…didn’t intend the joke like that…

    but appreciate you leaving the comment and being sincere about it.

  15. Do you have a larger graphic of the Giants girl? That graphic is the only good thing about the Giants being in the Superbowl. Patriots will be the first 19-0 single season, Superbowl winners!

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