It’s instances like these where being wrong is fantastic

Who said the Giants didn’t have a chance?

Certainly not us. We called this upset weeks ago and predicted a 17-14 final score, Eli Manning would be the MVP and Plax would score the game-winning touchdown.

Elsewhere, we’ll put money that the sun will rise in the east tomorrow. Mark that shit down.

Was This The Biggest Super Bowl Upset Ever?

We talked to our dad before the game and he was all like, “Hey, the Giants played New England heads up in the last game of the regular season and could pull the upset, yada, yada, yada.”

We said, “Niners vs. Chargers in ’95.”

For two weeks, people were talking themselves in to thinking that San Diego had a chance to beat the heavily favored 49ers. They thought that maybe, just maybe, things break right and the Bolts pull the big one.

You know what happened: 49ers: 49, Chargers: 26.

We really thought Sunday’s game would’ve been the same story. People were looking for reasons to give New York a chance, but did anyone actually think they were going to win?

It’ll go down as one of the biggest upsets ever — not just in football. And, in our opinion, deservingly so.

Manning was great, Giants defense was better

Eli Manning was superb. He was elusive, he made great throws and, perhaps most importantly for Young Manning, he made good decisions.

But for how good Manning was, the most valuable person Sunday was Giants defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo.

He drew up a phenomenal game plan, constantly harassing Brady and putting more pressure on the Pats offensive line and QB than they’ve seen all season.

When the New England had the ball with about 30 seconds left, we though for sure the Pats would move the ball. Maybe get a few first downs, maybe get in field goal range, maybe even win it right there.

But Spagnuolo stuck with the game plan. He didn’t fuck around with the Prevent defense and kept the pressure on. Four and out and a World Championship for the Giants.

Did this get him the Redskins job?

For How Good the Defense Was, Where the Hell Was New England’s Offense?

On the second to last drive of New England’s season, the Patriots marched the ball down the field and scored the go-ahead-TD. Where was that the rest of the game?

For that one drive, New England looked like the 18-0 Patriots. Moving at ease and taking no shit from the defense.

But the rest of the game, the offense stalled, the front line couldn’t handle New York’s pressure and Brady looked out of sync and frustrated.

Did the Giants change the defense on said drive? Not as much blitzing? We don’t know enough about Xs and Os to say, but whatever the Pats were doing (or Giants not doing) on that drive worked.

A Horribly Disappointing End to the Season; It Couldn’t Have Happened to a Better Team

Asshole coach, Playboy QB who has everything, and the douchiest fans in America.

For how devastated the Pats and their fans are, it couldn’t have happened to a better bunch. Hell, Boston already has a World Series champ, it’s good that the city could be denied a Super Bowl title.

Fuck Boston.

Other Random Thoughts

-Didn’t hear too many mentions of Don Shula. He’s probably thrilled. Or thrillicious. What a terrible ad campaign that was.

-Tom Petty opening with “American Girl” was seen from miles away. But not closing with “Free Fallin'”? That came out of nowhere. C’mon Tom, you always close with your biggest hit. What the fuck was that?

-Joe Buck was his usual, monotone self. If Mike Patrick was calling that game, he might’ve had a minor heart attack because he would’ve been so excited. He would’ve been fun to listen to.

-Artichoke jalapeño dip is the chronic.

-Belichick’s red sweatshirt? That’s a slap in the face to superstition.

-There was one camera shot that panned over the back sides of the Patriots cheerleaders. Squats and lunges do wonders, people!

-We were watching with a girl, who said after a commercial about obesity, “If my kid was obese, I’d drown it.”

-She was not talking about Jordin Sparks.

-We imagine the shots of Peyton Manning in the luxury box weren’t popular. But we liked them. We thought it was nice to see him showing some emotion and cheering on his little bro.

-What was with all the animals in the commercials? For that many animals, we half-expected some bestiality.

-A few of those SalesGenie ads were pretty racist. Same goes for that Bud Light one — “Give me a Bud Light.”

-As far as Super Bowls go, that one was pretty enjoyable. A good way to send out the 2007-08 season. Until next year…


10 Responses

  1. I agree that it was nice to see Peyton pulling for his brother…

    That is something though, both brothers win the Super Bowl and SB MVP in consecutive years…

  2. The only reason the Giants won the SuperBowl is because Eddie Mush bet on the Patriots.

  3. I put this Super Bowl right below The Tackle and right above Wide Right… Excellent contest and watching the Re’tahded Massachucunts walk away losers was fantastic. I haven’t had this much fun since Stanford banged USC and kicked them out of the bed for farting.

  4. Of course, the pendulum has swung and these fuckhead analysts will now make Eli out to be a superstar. He didn’t play that well in this game. His teamates made the big plays (Toomer staying in bounds, Boss shedding Harrison and Tyree’s backbender) and his mistakes (at least half a dozen floaters begging to be picked, one of which went right through the DB’s hands on that last drive) went unpunished.

    Football is 90% hitting…the defense won that game.

    Fuck Boston. I’m not giving the trophy back.

    This is nowhere near the biggest upset in sports history, even if you confine it to North American sports. It’s not even as big an upset as the first Pats win. But, the Giants’ run through the playoffs is up there, especially if Eli ends up being just an average quarterback. Right now, I’d put it with 1985 Villanova.

  5. I’m a Redskins fan and even I know that Dan Snyder will fuck up the obvious hiring of Spagnuolo.

    It was a decent game with a great finish. Don’t kid yourself into thinking that that 7-3 going into the 4th quarter game was great.

  6. I don’t mind defensive struggles. It was nice to see Spagnuolo actually follow the Jim Johnson defensive model (helps that the Giants had the personnel for it too). And I agree that the MVP should have been someone like Tuck/Robbins, Manning got away with some real risky throws in the first half.

    Thought Kevin Gilbride was gonna fuck up that last Giants drive, he should have ran it a few times. And the Salesgenie commercials were very racist, didn’t see too many other commercials cuz I kept switching to the PuppyBowl. Boom.

  7. It’s bestiality, son. Bestiality. I should know, I’m having an affair with my neighbor’s dog.

  8. don’t worry I thought the Giants would win too.

  9. i had so much of listening to joe buck yesterday that i seriously considered shooting him then myself with a 12-gauge.

  10. As for Joe Buck, I’m glad we had enough people over that the yelling and cheering was too loud to hear the announcers.

    And it’s funny that you had a conversation during the game about drowning fat kids, because there was some girl I had never met before at our party that randomly proclaimed her hatred towards fat people and how “repulsive they are.” She was at the very least a fucking 9, so everyone was just like, uhhh, yeah, sure.

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