Would you do…Suns Girl Amanda?

Why we might:

The easy answer: Age: 19.

The more in-depth answer: Something about her seems so innocent, so pure. But you know, deep inside, she’s a wild one. A closet freak, if you will.

We’ll compare Amanda to the Isla Fisher character in “Wedding Crashers.” She was young, innocent and Daddy’s little girl. But get her alone and she goes crazy, all in to S&M and shit.

If we’re accurate with our assumption — and we usually are — Phoenix’s Amanda is just like this. And that’s h-o-t, hot, hot, hot.

Why we might not:

The easy answer: Age: 19. That’s pushing the half-your-age-plus-seven rule.

The more in-depth answer: Amanda’s whole innocent thing could back fire in two ways:

1. She’s actually innocent.

This could be disappointing. She wears cashmere sweaters and still sleeps with stuffed animals. She really is Daddy’s little girl and Daddy just happens to tell Amanda to refrain from premarital intercourse or else she won’t get her allowance.

2. She’s the suspected closet freak, but closer to Barely Legal than Penthouse.

For all the wonders that pornography does to the collective male species, cheap, tasteless porn is gross.

You guys are probably thinking that, “Hey, any porn is good porn.”

That’s simply not true. Seeing a young girl who isn’t ready for the camera yet (nor her period, for that matter) makes you want to become a monk.

The answer:
Eh. She doesn’t really do it for us. Even if she’s a freak, we’re not sold. Her body is fine, but nothing special. She’s pretty, but not hot. And she quotes Robert Frost, which is about unoriginal as a quote can get.

Under the right circumstances, we’d probably do it. It wouldn’t be like a chore or anything. But if it’s a rare night where popcorn and a movie sound better than doing the nasty, she’s not going to get us up from the couch.

We’ll go on record saying four Long Islands for us and some experience for her.

All right, folks. The polls are open. But don’t shy away from the comments. Is the young, innocent Amanda your type? Can she pull you in with the uncertainy of her dark, lusty side? Or is this one cheerleader you can pass up? The ball’s in your court now…

Would you do…Amanda?
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22 Responses

  1. Without a doubt…at that young age though, she will probably outwork my old ass…

  2. You guys are probably thinking that, “Hey, any porn is good porn.”

    That’s simply not true.

    Couldn’t be more true. Case in point, Krystal Steel. She is ridiculously hot but when she’s getting pounded she’s all apathetic, barely making an attempt to do her “uhh… yea…” schtick she does.

    As far as Amanda goes, yea, no doubt. I’ve seen the Suns dance team and there is no way a chick can learn those type of moves and NOT be a dynamo in the bed.

  3. Once again……

    Anyone saying “no” is gay.

    And don’t kid yourselves…any of us posting on sports blogs can’t even think of pulling this kind of tail.

    1000% yes!

  4. When the fuck did The Big Picture get all high and mighty??? Turning down cheerleader sex, eh? Shame on you. It took “Dee Dee” 5 seconds to fellate Shaq, no doubt.

  5. is she the hottest girl on that team? not a chance. Is she totally hot and would I bang her in a second if I had the chance? yes. 6 LIs for her to make her interested in me. 1 for me to calm the nerves.

  6. Even with the semi-unflattering photo, strawberry pussy is an easy yes.

  7. Hands down. No problem.

    And all Pr0n is good Pr0n.

  8. i always end up saying “yes” to all of these so I think maybe I should just quit.

  9. Yes, on the condition that I am able to grab her auburn mane turn her around, and pound her from behind without having to look at that ugly face and inadequate rack.

  10. Barley Legal. fuck me.

  11. She reads Harry Potter??? I need to change my answer to no. Who wants to hear about Hogwarts while being rusty tromboned?

  12. zach I think the next girl needs to be a beast. Think Lev Metz in spandex.

  13. p.s. why’d you fix that typo?!?! damn!

  14. what the hell is the “half-your-age-plus-seven rule”?

    Is there a minimum age for that thing (I’m guessing 24, or at least I hope it’s 24)? A max? With all this new crazy “science magic” there is a chance some of us could live to be way too old.

  15. jmc-
    lev metz? so wrong, yet so true

  16. upon furhter review, no, no, and hell the fuck no.
    motherly at 19? car stops for scrapbooking and dairy queen? give me a fucking break.

  17. Another easy yes, I mean, look at her? She’s a beauty. No LI’s.

  18. Another easy yes, I mean, look at her? She’s a beauty. No LI’s.

  19. I don’t need the LI’s hell yes I would

  20. Yes,no LIs ,just kneel her down so that she can slurp the purple veiner.(Side note:watched a porn,guys getting head,says to the chick”Swallow the monster”-all the while with a shit-eating grin on his face looking at the camera.So funny,I had to stop jacking off for a minute to bust a gut laughing my balls off.)

  21. i would cover her face in ‘love’

  22. You guys that act so discriminating on these “would you do” posts are so full of crap…..

    #1)99% of the females up for discussion are at the least above average, bordering on hot/beautiful….Are they 100% in all areas that we men rate them? No, but overall they are a slice above what we have in our lives…Why you would need “x” number of LI iced teas to screw them is beyond me……The real quetion is how many LI iced teas these ladies would need to screw us is another story..

    #2) When I was younger, I used to work with an older gentleman who lived a good life (many experiences with a variety of women) – and he told me that us men need to look at a piece of ass like a valuable commodity – if it ever comes our way – you hop on board – even if the female isnt a “10” or maybe a little big in the hips – you dont look a gift-horse in the mouth and ask questions……basically, never turn it down………

    #3) How many of you can say you turned down the chick at 2:00 AM as the bar is closing (you know the chick, the kind that after sobering up, you ask yourself why) but you turn down these girls in these polls..

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