Hey, inbounds passes can be hard

Here’s the fantastic video of Washington’s Tim Morris bouncing the ball off UCLA’s Alfred Aboya’s face late in the Huskies’ 71-61 win over UCLA.

Morris was trying to inbound with 47 seconds left, couldn’t find anyone to pass to, and bounced it off Aboya’s face to get a fresh five seconds. Morris was then able to inbound, which led to a UW score and victory.

Hey, the Huskies will take wins anyway they can get them.


9 Responses

  1. Watching that actually really pissed me off right now. He deserved a T for that shit. He didnt just throw it to make it go out of bounds, he cocked that shit back to hurt that guy. He could have very easily thrown it off his chest or knee and he decided to throw it full stregnth off his face. Being someone that plays basketball, had that shit happened during one of of my games there would have been a huge brawl.

  2. yeah can you do that? I mean, aren’t you supposed to bounce it off his leg or something? is that allowed?

    also – who in their right mind approved those new uniforms for the Dawgs this year? they look horrible. A purple stripe on one side and a white one on the other? if it’s gonna be ugly, at least make it symmetrical.

  3. anonymous —

    agreed to an extent. i’m ok with him going off his face — nobody would expect it, so you’d likely get your desired affect. though he probably didn’t need to throw it so fucking hard. could’ve broken aboya’s face.

    jamie —

    always the pulse of the uni watch.

  4. Speaking of the Uni watch… I don’t see that many Pac-10 games, and I never have, but has UCLA always had the “C” a different color on the front of the Uni’s?

    Not a good look in my eyes.

  5. Zach- I was just about to email you to see what the response to this play has been in the Washington area. I’m sure it will come as no surprise to learn that most UCLA fans are pissed about it. It’s not the first time I’ve seen that play made, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen it called as a T, but I think it’s a rule that needs to be changed.

    Chase the “C” is highlighted to commemorate UCLA becoming the first school to reach 100 NCAA national titles. C is the roman numeral for 100.

  6. That Washington kid did a dumb move….he was soooooo lucky he did not get a T which could have cost them the game…

  7. Oh, ok. Makes sense enough. Thanks, insomniac.

    You’re not Dave Atell, are you? I miss that guy.

  8. I suppose the only justice would have been for the ball to bounce back off the UW player, giving UCLA the ball.

    It takes a strong man not to retaliate in that spot. During his follow-through, while he was watching his home run pass, in front of a friendly bench, with everybody looking the other way would have been the perfect cheap-shot. If that were me, it would have taken every ounce of willpower not to put my fist through the back of his head…then stomp him the fuck out while he is on the floor.

  9. rstiles, UW was up by two possessions with under a minute to go at the time that play was made. I doubt it could’ve cost them the game.

    Morris doesn’t deserve a T…..but it doesn’t matter, UCLA is dancing, UW may have a losing record.

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