Villanova got hosed

If you missed it, the Big East officiating crew beat Villanova Monday, 55-53.

Here’s the AP story to sum it up.

The score was tied. There was less than one second to play, and Georgetown’s Jonathan Wallace was dribbling 70 feet from the basket when he heard the whistle.

He wondered what was up. After all, there’s no way a referee would call a foul in that situation, right?

Guess again.

That “nudge” was a bump from Villanova’s Corey Stokes, the 48th foul called in a frustrating, stop-and-start game. Wallace hit both free throws with one-tenth of a second on the clock to give the No. 8 Hoyas a 55-53 victory.

And here’s the video.

Sure, Georgetown could’ve gone in to OT and outscored ‘Nova 10-0. Not probable, but our money would’ve been on the Hoyas, a top-10 team playing at home.

Still, criminal. No way to end an important game. Seattle Seahawks fans, feel free to make an officiating joke here.


3 Responses

  1. The refs aren’t commissioned by the NCAA, they’re contractors who dont really have any regulations on how many games in a row they can work. You’ll have guys that will work over 100 games in a season who are all types of sleep deprived, going out there making terrible calls.

  2. The Georgetown wins by way of referree on National TV count is up to 2 (See Patrick Ewing Jr. Goaltending No-Call).

  3. That call was horrible. Awful officiating!

    Ever since the Donaghy scandal last summer, referees now are being watched more than over.

    I found a blog posting from Matty O’Shea that is pretty revealing on individual NBA referee trends and the influence it has on sports bettors.

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