Beavers talk big, get pounded

Things are tough these days for Oregon State. The Beavers are 6-19, 0-13 in the Pac-10 and have lost 15 straight games. OSU’s already on its second coach of the season and the Beavs are the only “freebie” in the loaded Pac-10.

To make matters worse, Oregon State went beyond trash talking prior to Saturday’s game with Washington.

It began Friday when OSU senior forward Marcel Jones and freshman center Sean Carter led a contingent of about five Beavers onto the court at the end of UW’s practice, with Jones boasting, “Don’t let our record fool you.”

According to several UW players, coaches and others in the traveling party, the tensions didn’t end there.

Washington players and coaches said a Beavers player, who several identified as Jones, left a voice message for Huskies guard Joel Smith, asking UW players to come to the parking lot of the hotel where Washington was staying, and fight.

Oh, good. An arranged fight. Where are the Jets and Sharks when you need them?

The Huskies did not take up Jones’ tempting offer to duke it out like in a teen drama. They did beat the Beavers by nearly 40, though.

7 Responses

  1. The Huskies are pussies. They were challenged to a duel and hid.

  2. The Huskies are mediocre. But they were challenged to a Pac-10 game and kicked the holy hell out of possibly the worst team in conference history.

  3. Jones should have said “don’t let our record fool you, we’re too freakin’ stupid to win any games, how we won six??????????”

  4. gmoney, did your mom drop you on your head as a baby? You sure are a ‘tard.

  5. gmoney, you are an idiot.

  6. Thanks, that was a Simpsons reference to Homer challenging everyone to a duel. Yep, I know nothing, including sarcasm.

    Fuck it, Huskies are pussies.

  7. fuck uw, they are a bunch of pussies

    tim morris is a douchebag
    and the whole team is a bunch of thugs

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