Would you do…Kings dancer Candace?

Why we might:

The easy answer: Great rack.

The more in-depth answer: Candace is one of those naughty Kings dancers who took some racy photos. (Safe for work, unless you work at a monastery).

The fact that she’s willing to get tanked, flirt with her dance-mates and document it all shows complete confidence and a willingness to break the rules; she’s a bad girl and that’s a huge turn on.

And she might be an exhibitionist. That’s pants-stirring, too.

Why we might not:

The easy answer: Favorite TV shows listed in last season’s bio: So You Think You Can Dance, The Bachelor and Project Runway.

The more in-depth answer: Candace is from Springfield, Ore., the town most believe The Simpsons is based upon.

That would normally be a good thing — The Simpsons is an all-time great. But the town is a bit backwards, making Candace, by mere association, a bit backwards.

For all we know, her dad worked at a power plant, she shopped at the Quickie Mart and her first legal drink came at Moe’s Tavern.

The answer:
She’s definitely our type. Sexy hair, curvy and wild. You know she’s a freak in the sack and would have no qualms about experimenting.

And with those recent photos surfacing, that makes it even more of a no-brainer. No Long Islands for us, three for her to consider and a camera to cherish the memories.

All right, folks. The polls are open. But don’t shy away from the comments. Is this trouble-maker for your liking? Wanna find out if the carpet matches the drapes? Or are her sophomoric antics not your style? Let the poll be the judge…

Would you do…Candace?
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18 Responses

  1. OH MY GOD, I think I just innoculated in my pants!!!!

  2. After those photos, is there any chance that we may finally see a zero in the “no” category? Dear God, send this girl to me! And all her silly friends, too. Quickly, now!

  3. We will never see a zero no b/c there are obviously fags that read this site that don’t have sex with women. There are 2 no’s already which is crazy b/c I would let this one shit on my chest.

  4. She’s definitely a 3-input girl. In fact, the whole team looks like 3-input girls. I’m sure that many of us get the impression that, if you can bang one of these broads, the chances increase that you can bang the rest of them. Towards those ends, Candace makes for a good entry point(s).

  5. I voted yes but I normally kill people that sign their name with a smily face. I guess I’d nail her then kill her…depends how I feel.

  6. Who votes no on this one, seriously?

  7. she looks too avril lavigne.

  8. She’s a super-sexy red head. You ALWAYS hit that. ALWAYS.

  9. SHIT!!!
    I was just able to open that photo file…I have to go home and change my pants again

  10. If the carpet matches the drapes.

  11. It can’t be said often enough – rstiles is my hero.

  12. those that vote no are just doing it to be an idiot and get a rise out of the rest of us that take these polls seriously……..Because no other reason exists to vote no – hell, I bet a homosexual would vote yes if he had a chance with her just to ask her her beauty tips……

    I cant say I have ever voted no…..There have been a few chicks up for debate here that didnt exactly knock my socks off but turning them down would require me to have my “red blooded american male” membership card revoked……

    This chick is fucking hot…….I’ll bring along a couple of LI’s for her in case she needs a couple to jump in bed with me………..

  13. Fuck no. That main picture of her on the sight makes her look like a fukin construction worker. It be like fucking Bob the Builder’s lesbian cousin Beth. She’s a cheap Eve Lawrence. Fuck all you guys and you’re families.

  14. Again, an easy one. Who wouldn’t run through Candace? Gays? That’s it. 0 LI’s. A head-scratcher, Big Pic. A head-scratcher.

  15. I’m surprised no one mentioned how terrific she looks in a wife-beater. She is raring to go for the Big Picture Wet T-Shirt Contest.

  16. nice rack–doubtless nice clappy disease(s) too

  17. I took my Dad to a Kings game last season and I noticed her immediately. I debated running into the bathroom and punching myself in the cock so I wouldn’t accidentally sport wood in front of ol Pop.

  18. I’d bang her hard just like Bonnie Bernstein since they both are amazing!

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