Shouldn’t some one take a flier on Barry Bonds?

The days are longer, the sun is brighter and there’s baseball in the air. Spring Training is underway and for the next month, you can talk about how your team has a chance at the playoffs, if X pitcher wins X games, X player has an .XXX OBP and just about everything else breaks right.

Hey, the Giants are 0-0 right now, tied for first and haven’t yet lost 100 games. Times are good!

But with all the optimism in the air surrounding your favorite team, why hasn’t any team jumped the gun on Barry Bonds yet?

Sure, he’s 1.) A legal issue and 2.) A PR nightmare, but teams can’t complain about his .276 batting average, .480 on-base, .565 slugging, 28 jacks and 75 runs scored in 126 games last season.

It’s clear he’s become a defensive liability, but just about any AL West team could use his services and DH him. Hell, if an NL team could get him on the cheap, platoon him in left field. At this point, a guy like Bonds could put a good team over the hump. And he’s close to achieving some milestones; that’ll put fans in the seats.

We’ll see what happens. But we suppose Kangaroo court is the least of his worries.


6 Responses

  1. I am surprised that no one took a shot with Bonds…I have read where Bonds wants to get to 3,000 hits and he is like 82 short of that mark…

    Another surprise is Kenny Lofton…even though I think he is a prick, he still has some game left in him

  2. Who needs Barry Bonds when you have Aaron Rowand!!! The Giants are God fucking awful.

  3. Only Pedro Gomez is going to miss Bonds. What will he do now? Every time he was reporting from Frisco, Pedro had the smile of a rooster in the cockhouse.

  4. at this point he’d be begging for a job. sign him on the cheap, put in a clause about what happens if he is convicted or whatever, and let him rip. He’ll be able to hit until his legs fall off.

  5. also, baseball prospectus is talking about this today as well. sadly I’m not a subscriber, so I can’t read the whole thing.

  6. i hate to say it but the “Evil Empire” with the short porch in right field…wow, that would be a site to see

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