Would you do…Nets Girl Jaclyn?

Why we might:

The easy answer: Heck, she’s a hometown hottie.

The more in-depth answer: Loves sex. Hot and loves sex. That’s like cookies and cream; peanut butter and jelly; beer and football. They just work together.

In her Maxim bio, she’s asked if she had to choose between boring sex all the time or great sex once a year. She says, “I don’t think I could go a year without sex, so we’d just have to make it interesting!”

Awesome! She’s a nympho!

Why we might not:

The easy answer: Pretty vanilla.

The more in-depth answer: You can judge a lot by a girl’s piercings and tattoos: tongue ring and she likes to give head, tat on the small of the back and she’ll sleep with your entire Sigma Chi house.

Well, Jaclyn just has her ears pierced which isn’t too exciting. That says to us, “I was brought up Catholic, got good grades in school and I like romantic comedies with Hugh Grant.”

Straight arrows aren’t always for us.

Also, she claims to be able to, “See right through bullshit.” That’s not good for us!

The answer: She’s a hottie — a hometown one, in fact. Whatever that means. — and has her ears pierced! Whoa! Um yeah, expect it missionary, twice a week, right before bed. Spontaneity is out the door.

For the record, let’s call it one Long Island for us and six for her to, ya know, loosen her up a bit.

All right, folks. The polls are open. But don’t shy away from the comments. Is this Rutgers grad going to give you some Pandemonium in Piscataway? Or is this broadcast journalism major a little to one-dimensional for you? You call it in the polls.

Would you do…Jaclyn?
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15 Responses

  1. HELL YES….she looks like she would be a dirty girl…

    I can’t wait for the bracket for this tournament because there are some hot women who are equally hot….I don’t think there will be one clear frontrunner

  2. It is always the “Good” girls that has that closet dirty side. I say HELL YES I would do her!!!!

  3. yes, next.

    where are the questionable ones?

  4. Dont be alarmed about the Catholic upbringing. That just means that she’s really into anything. You could basically watch any porn you want, point at a scene and she’d have no qualms with replicating it.

  5. 48-0 yes. She has two things working against her though.

    1. She says she knows when you’re lying. That is a turn-off.

    2. She’s from Jersey so you can know she can take a punch. Maybe that one is a positive.

  6. Nailing her is a no-brainer. As for nailing her down…

    She doesn’t qualify as a “Jersey Girl,” so I don’t think she’s been run-through. But, I don’t think we need to worry about a Catholic upbringing; I have her pegged as a secular and/or non-practicing Jew. Without giving a full recon and scouting report, that makes for a favorable target.

    She lives in Union City with two of the other dancers. UC almost qualifies as a barrio, but it makes for a good launching pad eastward to the partying. However, unless her two female co-worker roommates are shameless sluts, I doubt Jaclyn is bagging very many dudes.

    Preliminary impression: I haven’t been to UC in a while. I’m thinking I need to…for the Cuban food. At 25, hot and still living with roomates, Jaclyn needs and wants more than she’s getting. While her dancing skills imply that she’s got moves, her relative inexperience would indicate that her technique probably needs a little more…polishing.

  7. 77-0 now

    wow, is this history?

  8. perhaps our first perfect game???

    i’m setting up what’s going to be a fantastic tournament full of like 8 one seeds and 6 two seeds and 2 16s.

  9. I haven’t answered no to one of these yet, and this will not be the week.

  10. 98-0? That is more impressive than the Murder free Streak Newark, NJ had going.

  11. Not so fast horndogs – all these chicks are fast out the gate, then the no votes come along.

  12. OKAY, who are the 3 fuckers who fucked up the perfect game…at least be man enough to come out and say who you are….

  13. I just have one question for these 3 assholes

    Why wouldn’t you stick your dick in this woman if she wanted you?


  14. For the record, it wasn’t me.

  15. i think you answered your own question – because she would never want any of these idoits!

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