Blind Résumé

It’s March! Fuck yeah! Hoops, baseball, NFL Draft talk…we’re exiting one of the worst stages of the sports year and entering one of the best. We’re finally getting into college hoops and the bubble talks; it took about a month longer than normal. Who’s gonna dance? Who are the last four out?! With Selection Sunday less than two weeks away, it’s time to start using the phrases, “Bubble Watch,” “Tournament Résumé” and “Auto Bids” on a daily basis. So from today until next Friday, we’ll be playing Blind Résumé. We’ll present two bubble teams’ résumés and your job is simple: in the comments, say which team deserves to get in and which one doesn’t. (If you think both are in — or out — suggest who you view as the better team). You might know who these teams are, but don’t spoil it for the rest of us. Since this is one of those blind item things, check back at 3 p.m. Pacific each day as we’ll post the true identities in the comments.

Team A:

Record: 17-11 (11-4 conference)
RPI: 47
Strength of schedule: 13
Against RPI Top 50: 4-6
Last 10: 8-2

Team B:

Record: 20-9 (9-6 conference)
RPI: 38
Strength of schedule: 58

Against RPI Top 50: 1-2
Last 10: 7-3

Play the part of a committee member in the comments. Who dances?


7 Responses

  1. Team B. I don’t care how hard your schedule is, Team A – you lost 11 versus only 17 wins. 3 or 4 more wins and I change my mind. Besides, the RPI of B is better.

  2. Team B has to come in, kudos on the fact that you have the #13 rated schedule but you should have won 2 more games to make your team 19-9. 11 losses is too many to make it, with more possibly on the way.

  3. Team A is Kentucky, no? Here’s hoping they stay out.

  4. JFC, I don’t see why some feel the need to suggest or tell the identity of the teams. Anyone can go look up the RPI list and figure the teams out if they want, you aren’t impressing anyone with your hoops knowledge.

  5. Too close to call. I’d want to see a list of “good wins” and “bad losses” and when they occurred to really decide this one. I lean to Team A, probably is in the better conference and playing better after a rough early season non-conference schedule.

  6. Its Kentucky, I know it is!!! I like Flubby cause he annoys anonymous dicks. They should get in so the fans have something to do besides fuck their donkeys.

  7. only six hours late…FUCK!!!

    Kentuck is A
    UMass is B

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