Would you do…Warriors Girl Katie?

Why we might:

The easy answer: Golden State cheerleader. Go Warriors!

The more in-depth answer: Her hero, according to her profile, is Batman.


Didn’t know Batman was that inspirational — sure, Michael Keaton was bad ass, but still…

We like the sense of humor about here already. Batman! Fucking Batman! She could’ve only answered that question better if she said the Tooth Fairy.

Why we might not:

The easy answer: Her hair belongs in a wig shop.

The more in-depth answer: There just seems to be something off with her. We can’t pinpoint it.

It’s like when you go to the doctor when you’re a kid and you can’t articulate what’s wrong; you just know something is.

Something about her just seems weird. Maybe she’s a serial killer. Maybe she gets off by hurting animals. Maybe she really likes Project Runway. Who really knows? But something about her isn’t sitting right with us.

The answer: She slightly resembles a mannequin and probably can’t hold a conversation much better.

Though her sense of humor is a big plus. A girl who can make us laugh is nearly as good as one with DSLs.

We’ll go on record saying two Long Islands for us and a Batman marathon, popcorn and something lace-y for her.

All right, folks. The polls are open. But don’t shy away from the comments. Fucking Batman! Hilarious. Though maybe you could be her new hero if you give it to her right. Can you be that man? Can you?

(Hand pound to “JMC” for suggesting the hometown girl.)

Would you do…Katie?
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13 Responses

  1. yes, of course i would do her. as i would do any of the other cheerleaders in recent WYDs…

    I would like to see the Big Picture venture into the salacious gray area that is local female news anchors – would you do Kathi Goertzen?

    Now that’s intriguing.

  2. Her hair may belong in a wig shop, but her legs belong wrapped around my pelvis riding me!!!!

  3. Peggy Bundy’s going to take 6 LITs. I agree with the something’s not right assessment.

  4. Better than last time’s girl, but 2nd worst overall. She’s definitely sitting at the bottom of the power rankings…

  5. i’ll tell you what’s wrong with her: her giant round pig nose and her huge beaver like front teeth. get her a nose job and file those things down and I might reconsider but I’m going with no. In fact, I was pretty disappointed with the whole Warrior Girls squad – there were only a few definite yeses in there for me.

  6. oh, did I recommend her? neat. that was a while ago… wow.

  7. She looks very Shannon Elizabeth-y. After consulting with my penis, we voted yes.

  8. of course Id do her…..not the greatest choice but she’s not stone-cold ugly and has a nice body..

    the question I have is out of all the GS Warrior dancers – why pick this one? To get a debate? Many more better than her just on hee team..

  9. yes she was clearly picked (by me I guess) because of the debate… we can’t have them all be totally smokin’. The point is to make you think – is her hot body and resemblance to Shannon Elizabeth enough to overcome her weirdish face with a big nose and front teeth?

  10. Who cares about her teeth????….

    Maybe I’m the one missing something here?!?!?!!?

  11. I’d hit it. Her hair is extremely shitty but I’ll take her athletic ability in the bed.

  12. The problem is that she looks like Kathy Griffin’s older sister, which can be disconcerting if THAT grill flashes in your mind before popping that coochie…

  13. I know dat hoe she got stds and she be goin round fuckin niggaz passin dat shit on.. stay away from dat dick suckin hoe.. word up dis true story

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