The bubble is shrinking like Roger Clemens’ sperm count

Arizona State, Florida, VCU, Ohio State Syracuse, Oregon et al. are sweating bullets right now.

It’s one of those rare times when many fans root against upsets because while fun and all, tourney slots are disappearing faster than the people in this picture.

San Diego’s in. Does the WCC now get three teams?! With South Alabama’s loss, does the Sun Belt now get two? The big school bubble teams have very little room for error in their respective conference tourneys.

Oregon, which got back on the bubble after a sweep of the Arizona schools last week, may just be its own worst enemy. The Ducks could certainly use another win, and by beating ASU and UA, Oregon jumped to the No. 6 seed in the Pac-10 Tournament. Now, rather than getting a play-in game against pathetic Oregon State, the Ducks get ranked Washington State instead. A loss and the Ducks might be NIT bound.

It’s a wildly fun time of year. Unless, of course, you’re living on the bubble. Then you need some Scotch and mild sedatives.

One Response

  1. Yeah, those same teams that are nervous will be pulling for Xavier, Memphis, Kent State, BYU, etc big time.

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