Would you do…Teri Hatcher?

Why we might:

The easy answer: When she was 20, she was a member of the 49ers Gold Rush.

The more in-depth answer: She’s famous, she’s hot and, hell, she’s a Bond Girl.

She’s twice divorced with a kid — meaning no hubby in the way and a total MILF! You know she’s got a wild side, too, and we are 110 percent sure she still keeps her Gold Rush costume in the closet for special occasions.

Why we might not:

The easy answer: DOB: 12/8/64. There are probably cobwebs down there.

The more in-depth answer: Too much baggage with this girl. Not only is she a famous actress; a profession with a prerequisite to be absolutely nuts, she unfortunately was the victim of child abuse at a ridiculously young age.

No jokes about child abuse, but understandably so, she has some commitment issues as evident by her two divorces and other failed relationships.

It’s not like we need to have a relationship with her, but we could see her being one of those girls you have a steamy sex scene with and then crawls into the fetal position and cries.

The answer: Fuck. She’s in her mid-40s, old enough to be our mom. MILFness aside, fuck, 1964! Though, it is tempting to bag an older woman. Hmm. And she’s famous. Undoubtedly crazy, but famous. We could think of a few ways to make this desperate housewife a bit less lonely.

For the record, let’s go three Long Islands for us to get over the age issue, and for her, maybe some anti-wrinkle cream?

All right, folks. The polls are open. But don’t shy away from the comments. She was a Bond Girl. Are you able to fill the needs that come along with that? Can you be her 007 or will her less attractive qualities scare you off? The decision, please, in the poll…

Would you do…Teri Hatcher?
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11 Responses

  1. Hey, I’m 39 and finally a hot woman within my age range that I may have a shot with (who am I kidding)

    I can understand how you young bucks may turn your nose to Miss Terry….but remember, an older woman is usually more freaky and more experienced…and at her age, she is still easy on the eye..

    So HELL YESSSSS I would fuck her!!

  2. I would stick my cock in her mouth just to shut her up, maybe give her a dirty sanchez for her wild side.

  3. I would do it just to say that I did, but I wouldn’t tell people WHEN I did it.

    She’s in play…she has been known to walk into NYC clubs and pick up stray (25-ish) dudes.

  4. “They’re real, and they’re SpecTACular.” That’s good enough for me. Yes.

  5. I said yes just because she’s famous. The fact that Ryan Secrest has been there kills my boner though.

    She looks too plastic.

  6. Ohmygod yes!

    Are you kidding me? She’s less in doubt than half of the giggle pigs you’ve put up there from pro dance teams!!!

    And Seacrest is a well known pole smoker, so I’d doubt seriously that he’s been there.

  7. I’ll be the first to say no. Ten years ago, sure, but now? There’s no way I’d stick it in that. She needs to eat a hamburger and put some weight back on. Srsly, I worry that I’d get a papercut fuckin that.

    BTW, horrible Bond girl

  8. Fuck. No. But I would let her suck my cock through a glory hole. Wearing a rubber, of course.

  9. Hell Yeah!
    I’d run through her like AD did to the Chargers!

  10. Reading comments for the “would you do” girls is hilarious – if you dont laugh, you’ll either cry or call bullshit….Some of the comments about Teri Hatcher maker her out to be a crach whore with an STD……….Shes a fine Cougar……..Unless the guys saying no are already sleeping with hot chicks (which isnt the case Im sure)

  11. I’d like to have her for a night.

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