Would you do…Nameless Indiana Hoosier Cheerleader?

Why we might:

The easy answer: Farm girl.

The more in-depth answer: Well, she’s not your typical goodie-goodie, shy farmer’s daughter. She’s a bit of an exhibitionist.

With Leather pointed us towards a Don Chavez post which uncovered some skimpy and NC-17 photos of this Hoosiers vixen.

She’s got a rockin’ body and her desire to take naked photos of herself gives you a big glimpse into what she’s like behind closed doors.

Why we might not:

The easy answer: Butter face.

The more in-depth answer: We don’t have much info on this girl; we don’t even know her name!

So it’s hard to speculate on whether she’s doable based on her non-existent bio. But she’s certainly not a knockout. She’s plain and simple looking, which is good and fine, but she might not stack up to the pro cheerleaders.

And her nakedness might be a way to suppress early memories of an overly-aggressive uncle or something. This one has “nutjob” written all over her.

The answer: Clothed, no way. She’s simple looking and the whole Midwest thing does nothing for us.

Nude, sure thing! She’s got amateur porn in her future. We’ll go four Long Islands, but we can be worked down to three if she comes with a camcorder.

All right, folks. The polls are open. But don’t shy away from the comments. Can this scandalous Hoosier get a rise out of you? Do you prefer her in uniform or out? Do tell…

Would you do…Indiana Cheerleader?
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14 Responses


    If you did not vote, please click on the link NC-17 within the post and get some better photos of this chick…

    She would be a great fuck!!!

    Vote Yes!!

  2. Yer nuts if you vote no after peeping those NSFW pics!

  3. I’m going to take your words on the pics…I ain’t clicking on it at work.

    I voted yes (right now) because I don’t know what the problem is. I’m pretty sure she’d let you go 3-hole on her the first time.

    I agree with TBP that porn is in her future (she looks like a poor man’s Belladonna). Entry into porn is sure to be accompanied by a thorough sandblasting, after which I could easily see this broad being hot.

  4. wow, I mean, her face is a train wreck. She does have a pretty smokin body though. In reality here’s how it would go: if I met her and she had clothes on I wouldn’t even think about it. But knowing what her body looks like, it’d take me about 5-6 LIs to get over the face (or a paper bag). My vote in the poll will be no, she’s just too much of a mess in the face.

  5. I don’t care what her body looks like, she looks like Ratchetface from Crybaby

  6. I agree with Rstiles, you have to look at the NC-17 pics. Body is fantastic. A big yes.

  7. 2 words
    PAPER BAG!!!

    God made paper bags for two reasons 1) to take a dump in and 2) hide an ugly chick’s face

    VOTE YES!!!

  8. Yes, after seeing her with her hair down and flexing.

  9. She has a more manly face than I do. a paper bag would be needed.

  10. Wrap a flag around her head and do it for Old Glory….

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  12. Yes! You don’t even have to look at her; just bend her over the bed and have at it.

  13. Now that DonChavez.com is down, where can you see the pics?

  14. Yes, with a bag on her head. Great body though.

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