Introducing the "Would you do… Round 3" Tournament

It’s time.

With it being mid-March and people thinking in brackets, what better time for the next “Would you do…” tourney?! Our 16 women are ready to scratch and claw in a month-long contest to declare “most-doable” supremacy.

All of the voting that you’ve done hasn’t gone to waste. Not by a long shot. That served as our greatest measure of how to seed the entries. (Even though you guys are fucking nuts!)

You can refresh your memory on the contestants here.

Here’s how it’s gonna work:

-We’ll shoot to do a round per week, though we may spread the first round over two weeks.
-Voting (simple majority) on who you’d rather do will dictate who moves on.
-That’s pretty much it. It’s a basic fucking tournament. You know how this works.

With that, here’s the bracket and we’ll begin play when that other tournament begins: Thursday!

See larger version by clicking on the picture.

Use the comments to leave your thoughts on who you think will win it all, darkhorses, the dangerous 12/5 match up, etc. This is easily the most wide open Would you do… bracket to date. There’s no clear favorite and just about anyone could gain the momentum to win this thing.

And for the first time, we’ll have a play-in game! Courtney Simpson vs. Nameless IU Girl will kick things off tomorrow!

We highly recommend that you print out the bracket and start some office pools. If your friends at the office aren’t familiar with our little series, tell them it’s a sophisticated discussion about banging chicks who stand on the sidelines with pom poms. They’ll surely be down to join the pool.

Bet, bet, bet. There’s no better time of the year to win some money.

10 Responses

  1. My pick to win the whole thing is Suns Amanda although she could run into some trouble against Candace in the third round.

  2. I have been waiting all winter for this fucking tournament…and you even gave us a bonus – a play-in game!!!!!!!!!

    I will say, this tournament will be better than the previous Who Would You Do Tourneys because everyone knew who was going to win those tourneys….this one is wide open

    BTW – I recommended two babes who are in this tourney, including the #1 overall seed….if she wins, what do I get?

  3. Joe Lunardi claims to have gone 17-for-17 before the field was announced.

    Al Sharpton was going to boycott the tournament because there are no black chics represented. He relented when he received assurances that some of these broads are catching it from black dudes.

  4. Cavs Amanda rolls through becoming the first winner in Ohio history.

    Simpson > IU girl

  5. I hate to say it, but I see the #1 seed beating #2 in the finals.

    Cavs Amanda beats Jaclyn for the title.

    I like Amanda, but I also dirty chicks, so my hope to swing this thing is that ASU Cortney or IU busted face can upset Amanda right off the bat. They have my vote.

    Cortney has a much better chance if you link up to her vids rather than a picture w/ her clothes on…..lame.

  6. Porn star vs the Pig? Gotta give ASU the nod in this one.

  7. titans erica vs vikings krisandra is more like a game of “would you rather?” Can I take neither?

    I wonder if Cavs Amanda got the #1 seed based on the fact that she was the first one we saw – I mean, after deciding on some pretty nasty broads during the first two tournaments, maybe seeing a cheerleader made us all say yes, and then over time we became more critical. I think Suns Amanda vs Cavs Amanda would be a great matchup, and I think Jaclyn will be in the mix as well. Should be fun.

  8. Putting the IU girl in the play-in game was the responsible thing to do…

    I see her getting worked by the ASU girl, badly.

  9. Dawg, you better check yourself before you wreck yourself.

  10. ah, the real brackets!

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