"Would you do… Round 3" Tournament Play-In: Courtney Simpson vs. Nameless IU Girl

The infamous play-in…for the right to get smoked by Cavs Amanda.

No. 16 Courtney Simpson:

Why we might: As a pornstar, she knows what’s she’s doing.
Why we might not: ASU + pornstar = dirtier than Sub-Saharan Africa.
Regular season record: 54% yes-46% no.

No. 16 Nameless IU Girl:

Why we might: Farm girl.
Why we might not: Butter face.
Regular season record: 52% yes-48% no.

Who’s gettin’ in?

Who would you rather do?
Courtney Simpson
Nameless IU Girl
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15 Responses

  1. Cute porn star versus transvestite.

  2. This is a tough one because they both would be freaks in bed…what would be real nice is to see both of them on each other…

    I gotta go with Nameless IU Girl though…

  3. Anyone who votes for horse face IU cheerleader has issues and wants to have sex with Men with breasts. She was one of the few “no” votes I made. She is scary looking.

  4. I’ll take the porn star over the tranny as well. I’d rather get hepatitis than a penis.

  5. I’ll take the porn star over the apsiring porn star…something about actuality preceding potentiality. The play-in matchup is hardly a spot to extol the virtues of either of them

  6. Pig game for sure but I’ll take the porn star over the pig

  7. stiles… What are you thinking here?

    Courtney doesn’t have an Adam’s Apple, easy pick.

  8. definitely porn star – IU girl looks a little too built, like she’s trying to be both a body builder and a porn star, weird. Plus the face.

  9. Aside from looking like a man, IU’s nose looks like she/he did some boxing in her/his time.

  10. I’ll take the blonde.

  11. Keep ’em both and give me your momma. Bitch could suck the chrome off a ’57 Chevy!

  12. no fair–“nameless” is a guy

  13. asu looks like a 12 year old boy! she has no figure, no chest, nothing, i guess all of you are the gays you complain about. Nameless has the face of a horse, but look at the bikini photos, there is a body worth exploring beneath that ugly mug.

  14. Right on – i never understood the interest in the slut – the things she would do are mindblowing but the body isn’t developed into anything worth playing with.

  15. Nameless wins the body competition, Porn slut wins the face competition. I’m obviously in the minority but I’d rather fuck a girl’s body and enjoy all the other parts, not just her face. Nameless should have won by a landslide!

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