"Would you do… Round 3" Tournament: No. 3 Meghan Vasconcellos vs. No. 14 Paula Abdul

(If you don’t know what the hell the “Would you do… Round 3” Tournament is all about, read this

Meghan has been carved from an angel. Paula Abdul, too, but like before Christ.

No. 3 Meghan Vasconcellos:

Why we might: She’s ridiculously hot.
Why we might not: She’s too hot.
Regular season record: 87% yes-13% no.

No. 14 Paula Abdul:

Why we might: Jewish.
Why we might not: She was a Lakers girl like 800 years ago.
Regular season record: 57% yes-43% no.

Can Abdul pull the upset? Or is the Beantown hottie too much to handle?

Who would you rather do?
Meghan Vasconcellos
Paula Abdul
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8 Responses

  1. I will be surprised if Meg does not get at least 95% of the vote on this one…

    Meg is one fine piece of ass!

  2. Is this the first time that a Mexican has destroyed a Jew???

  3. Meghan wins in a landslide. Really, who is voting for Paula?

  4. Man-O-Man-O-Manischewitz. Paula Abdul gets steamrolled!!

    Meghan is a no-brainer here, but I have to think that, if I could sing, I’d probably have a realistic shot at Paula Abdul. I don’t know how Meghan’s ever going to fall into my lap.

  5. I think Zach is voting for Paula.

  6. as Bokolis said, this really is a no brainer. Except in that one swimsuit picture where her face looks really weird, Meghan is 100% H-O-T hot. That picture of her in the club is very nice.

  7. @ jmc –

    the swimsuit picture showed her face?

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