"Would you do… Round 3" Tournament: No. 4 Suns Amanda vs. No. 5 Candace

(If you don’t know what the hell the “Would you do… Round 3” Tournament is all about, read this first).

Two fiery redheads…but which one dyes it?!?

No. 4 Suns Amanda:

Why we might: Age: 19.
Why we might not: Age: 19. That’s pushing the half-your-age-plus-seven rule.
Regular season record: 83% yes-17% no.
First round: Defeated Renee and Angela 83%-17%.

No. 5 Candace:

Why we might: Great rack.
Why we might not: Favorite TV shows listed in last season’s bio: So You Think You Can Dance, The Bachelor and Project Runway.
Regular season record: 82% yes-18% no.
First round: Defeated Heidi 72%-28%.

If this one isn’t within 5%, color us surprised…

Who would you rather do?
Suns Amanda
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12 Responses

  1. This should be a close contest and could go either way….I went with the older chick because it looks like she has the bigger rack

  2. Plus, it reminds me like Candace would suck the skin off your manhood…

  3. Decisions……..Decisions……Decisions….This is a toughie as both girls are incredible….I went with Candace……She looks like she would just love to violate you…Plus the pic in the white t-shirt is incredible…

  4. This is a tough choice, I had to go with the 19 year old. She has to be so tight in so many places. Candice has a nice rack but her hips are wiiiiiiide and she has to have some flab somewhere I’ll go younger and I’ll violate her.

  5. By far the toughest pick. I give it to Amanda because she’s 19. While you know Candace would let you pretty much put it anywhere you want, which is awesome. Amanda is going to make you work for it…like a box of wine and maybe a chick flick before you are in there.

    And I say by the time she’s 21, just the box of wine.

  6. I still don’t get it. this is an EASY choice. Candace is not attractive. Get past the rack.

    I was worried this would be closer but so far Amanda has a solid lead, good.

  7. This is a pretty tough call…I’m going with the slutty underdog though.

    Steve, I don’t know if you meant to say that, but you want Candace to violate you???

  8. Candice is so much sexier. She is a real woman who knows how to party and who is probably a freak in the sack. Amanda looks like the kind of girl you take to your high school homecoming dance. In four or five years maybe, but for right now how can you pass up the sluty, wild, party girl with the big cans.

  9. gmoney……….to each his own brother……but I would love Candace to violate me…

  10. Candace is Amanda…after about 8 years of, as Tony explained, “…eating, drinking, fucking, sucking, snorting…”

    When faced with the prospect of being the first one on the ride, or the last one off, even having previously voted for the convicts, I have to choose Amanda.

  11. The white t-shirt pic of Candace is fucking incredible….I had to change my pants when I first saw it….

  12. Good to see that my girl Amanda is running away with this one!

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