Baseball’s most exciting, young team

Just face it. Your team’s gonna suck this year. Or it’s going to disappoint. Our blow a late division lead and make you swear off baseball for eternity. But it’ll probably just suck.

We know all of you root for the Giants because that’s really the only team you should ever root for (and because we said so). And we all know that they’ll probably score about 26 runs all season and go a record 0-161. (There will surely be a rainout that won’t need to be made up).

While we all seem to root for teams that make us want to claw out our eyes, perhaps you’d be better off rooting for a team that has built for the future through great draft picks and is more exciting than a night as Matt Leinart’s wing man.

Of all the young and up-and-coming teams out there, none should be as exciting, surprising and successful (and as quickly) as the Cincinnati Reds.

SI‘s baseball preview (still one of the best issues all year) has most of the info you need here. But with 26-year-old second baseman Brandon Phillips (30 HR, 94 RBI, 32 SB in ’07) and 22-year-old right-hander Johnny Cueto already in the bigs, Reds fans will get a taste of the future now.

And the huge minor-league prospects aren’t far behind. You’ve heard the names: Homer Bailey (21), Joey Votto (24) and Jay Bruce (21, tomorrow. Happy birthday!). Bailey dominated triple-A last season before being unimpressive when called up; Votto hit .321 in 24 games in a Reds jersey and Jay Bruce has the name of a guy who will win an MVP. Expect to see all called up this summer.

So stop rooting for your team and adopt the Cincinnati Reds. This year might be a wash, but if you start rooting now, you won’t fully be a bandwagoner when they start contending on a yearly basis.

7 Responses

  1. And who doesn’t love Dut Baker???

    I will kill any man that says that Skyline chili sucks, too.

  2. Enjoy Dusty Baker’s refusal to play anyone with under 5 years MLB experience, Reds fans.

  3. Votto is already on the team. And you forget to mention the young, talented, full of potential center fielder–Corey Patterson. Oh wait, it’s not 2004. Someone better let Dusty know…

  4. “So stop rooting for your team and adopt the Cincinnati Reds.”

    I would consult a lawyer and make sure this doesn’t make you liable for any potential deaths related to Reds fandom. Perhaps some sort of disclaimer is needed.

    In any case.. go Reds! I will gladly trade the utter of destruction of Cueto’s, Bailey’s, and Volton’s arms after this year if we win it all this year, a la Rijo.

  5. Yeah, but you guys traded Josh Hamilton.

    He’s the fucking natural.

  6. Yeah, if the natural had a heroin problem.

  7. Yay on Skyline Chilli.

    Yay on Josh Hamilton being the fucking natural. (I helped give him that nickname from his 1st ML game).

    Nay on Dusty Baker, sending our prospects like Jay Bruce and Homer Bailey down to the minors to play cum wrags like Corey Patterson and Josh Fogg.

    -Agreed on the Giants. They’re god fuckin’ awful. Just gotta hope the Pirates are worse and I believe the Pirates will be worse.

    And Yay on Dusty chokin on toothpicks all season long… this team is so inconsistent it’s not even funny.

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