Your Wednesday bestiality fix

So this dropped in our inbox from a friend yesterday. We highly suggest you read it out loud with a coworker, but definitely not your animal-loving boss.

the other day i saw part of a documentary about that guy up in the seattle area who died a few years ago of internal injuries suffered when he let a stallion fuck him up the ass. you remember that? this guy was part of a group of people who liked to fuck horses. what i couldn’t figure out was whether taking it in the ass from the horse was their standard operating procedure if it was beyond what they normally did, and thus resulted in death. it would be hard to imagine somebody getting sodomized by a horse and NOT dying of internal injuries, no? i thought the movie would be funny but as it turned out it was just weird and disturbing and not very good. also totally disgusting.

don’t get me wrong. it isn’t that “zoo” was without its charms. there were some touching scenes, such as the one where a group of people sits around watching one of the videos confiscated from the ranch, in which a man fucks a horse. you don’t see much of the video, except for a horse on its hind quarters as though to mount a man. mostly you just see the people’s faces and hear a guy groaning. sorta groaning in the way you’d expect a guy to groan if he was getting fucked up the ass by a horse. sorta like that. also there is a part where an animal rescue worker is talking about when she came to the ranch to take away the stallion and she says “then a little pony ran up under him and started giving the stallion a blow job. it was very strange.”

2 Responses

  1. Dear lord, a new low for TBP…I like it.

  2. I love the movie! I love sex with animals.

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