"Would you do… Round 3" Championship: No. 1 Cavs Amanda vs. No. 3 Meghan Vasconcellos

(If you don’t know what the hell the “Would you do… Round 3” Tournament is all about, read this first).

A tale of two Final Four match ups. No. 1 Cavs Amanda survived a huge scare from No. 4. Suns Amanda, beating her by freakin’ two votes of about 250! Holy shit! Closest match up ever! Meanwhile, No. 3 Meghan Vasconcellos destroyed second-seeded Jaclyn. This time they play for the title…

No. 1 Cavs Amanda:

Why we might:
The carpet probably matches the drapes.
Why we might not: It’s her fifth season with the Cavs. Over. The. Hill.
Regular season record: 97% yes-3% no.
First round: Defeated Courtney Simpson 73%-27%.
Second round: Defeated Christine 82%-18%.
Final Four: Defeated Suns Amanda 51%-49%.

No. 3 Meghan Vasconcellos:

Why we might: She’s ridiculously hot.
Why we might not: She’s too hot.
Regular season record: 87% yes-13% no.
First round: Defeated Paula Abdul 90%-10%.
Second round: Defeated Erica 96%-4%.
Final Four: Defeated Jaclyn 80%-20%.

And the “Would you do… Round 3” champion is?

Who would you rather do?
Cavs Amanda
Meghan Vasconcellos
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11 Responses

  1. Gotta go with the Big Red!!!

  2. Amamda’s face is rough.
    Meghan will roll

  3. Meghan comes through in the end! Cavs Amanda was a fluke.

  4. I don’t think I’ve got anything for either one of them for a few days. Your dad drained my sperm reserves over the weekend. Dude could suck the chrome off of a ’57 Chevy!

  5. JUST SAY NO TO MEGHAN…fuck Bostonians

  6. I’d give Meghan my left nut to hit it.

    Also, just a thought, you guys should try to implement the same voting system on the sidebar that KSK uses for the Kill Kill Kill tourney. That way, no ballot stuffing.

  7. that first picture of meghan holding the drink puts her over the top – wow. Other than that it’s a hard call. I liked suns amanda the best I think.

  8. How can you pass up one of the best racks around and the red hair of Amanda. Meghan is overrated.

  9. Have to go with Amanda because her best picture (blue bikini) is better than Meghan’s best (white t-shirt). Also, Meghan’s bikini pic is horrible. Not only does it make her boobs look fake, it somehow manages to make her face look fake. Seriously, it’s like looking at a wax sculpture or something…

  10. Before we crown Meghan, Suns Amanda demands a recount. She’s claiming that the vote was more rigged than the Ohio 2004 Presidential election.

    A broad like Cavs Amanda must be an acquired taste. If you live in the Midwest and the pickings are mostly broads like this, I guess you acquire the taste. That must be how she made it this far.

  11. Megan, by a landslide.

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