Make us suck less

Our pal Lozo at the wonderful Why Don’t We Get Drunk and Blog is cleverly trying to figure out which of the top 64 blogs is the shittiest. It’s conveniently set up in a bracket, of course.

We’re a No. 9 seed which seems like we kind of suck and kind of don’t suck. We’re paired against Armchair GM which we don’t think is actually a blog. But we want to get smoked by it. We think.

So go vote for Armchair GM. NOT US. Unless you think we suck. In that case vote for us. And thanks for reading anyway. Then fuck yourself.

7 Responses

  1. gee, I wonder who “Matt” is gonna vote for

  2. Don’t worry, we are voting for you.

  3. Zach, I’m voting for you unless you make these fucking pop-ups stop whenever I go on your site!!!

  4. Yeah, I agree, Armchair isn’t a blog at all. But you do suck.

  5. …says the guy that uses dollar signs for S’s.

  6. 1. matt. you’re done here, remember? also, i say fuck like every fifth word, so you don’t need to disguise your curse words with dollar signs.

    2. rstiles. pop ups??? fuck. not on either of the computers i use. but fuckity fuck fuck. i’ll look into this.

  7. Yes, I’m getting popups (sometimes multiple) when I use IE. I don’t recall getting them with Firefox.

    Did Lozo exclude his own blog?

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