The Harlem Globetrotters don’t got shit on this guy

Once famous, this man should be surrounded by Supermodels, mountains of cash and probably some blow. It’ll only be fair.


9 Responses

  1. damn thats impressive

  2. He’s not Margaret Cho.

  3. That guy is awesome! I want to rent him and have him come to parties with me and have him tell chicks he’s my dad.

  4. I want to play this guy in horse darts!
    (That’s a drinking game me and the roommates made up, 3 darts, next person has to match the number you get to stick in the board.)

    He could prob figure out something cooler than my fav, laying on your back on the balcony table like 35 ft from the board.

  5. In a similar vein, my second thought was warn the world never to play Horse with this MF.

    My initial thought was, here go two minutes and five seconds (plus the time spent on this comment) out of my life.

    You would think that someone with the ability to process so many variables could find something more productive to do with himself.

    Granted, he probably won’t find pushing a pencil fulfilling…how about a blackjack or gin rummy hustler?

  6. Great find buddy.

  7. Can you imagine how this guy masturbates? I bet it’s awesome.

  8. That last comment was horrible.

  9. i wonder if this dude has ever had a girlfriend

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