Bracketology! In April!

Our pal Mike over at Steady Burn alerts us that Joe Lunardi’s mock-bracket is out — for next year!!

We could’ve told you that UNC Asheville will be your team from the Big South and naturally pull No. 2 Notre Dame in the South Region, but Joe had to predict the entire thing, oh, 11 months ahead of time.

Some highlights:

-Your top seeds: Texas, Pitt, UNC, Duke

-Other 2008 Final Four teams: UCLA (No. 7), Kansas (No. 2), Memphis (No. 3).

-The Big East leads the way with nine bids, with the ACC, Big 12 and SEC getting six apiece.

-Washington is among the last four out — but we’re mentioned!!

-A possible Kansas-Memphis rematch in the Sweet 16 in Indianapolis

-Arizona could get back to the Final Four with the No. 2 seed in the West with top-seeded Duke…and the West Regional is in Arizona. They’ll be a trendy pick. ‘Cats, baby!

Yeah, it’s April. Eleven long months before this is relevant again. But hey, Kansas fans while still feeling the joy of a winning a championship, can be knocked back down to Earth: their Bracketology stock is going down.

4 Responses

  1. This confuses me, I just assumed that once the brackets were revealed, ESPN cryogenically froze Lunardi for 9 months?

  2. who the fuck is Joe Lunardi?

  3. Oh the hell with this. He’s more useless than Kiper.

  4. Missouri? He has Missouri in the field? As a 10 seed? Missouri?

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