Worst Blogs

Lozo’s Suckiest Blog Tourney was an eye-opener. There are some well-respected blogs that did well (bad?), FanHouse got slammed and our pal Dan Shanoff won the freakin’ thing!

These aren’t your average, one-post-per-week blogs that actually do suck. These were some big-name blogs with good street cred getting hammered by the voters into suckiness history.

So maybe we’re out of the loop on what actually sucks.

Let’s have some anonymous fun today. Let us know what your least favorite blogs are. And, like Lozo’s deal, let’s keep them to the bigger blogs that are updated daily and are actually relevant. Let’s not make enemies, so please comment anonymously. Or don’t. Pick your own fights.

Spill your hate, folks.

10 Responses

  1. What the hell is wrong with posting only once a week? It builds suspense for the reader and allows old posts extra time as the featured item.

    At least, that’s the excuse I give when I decide I’d rather surf for porn than write a post.

    As for the question at hand, I’ll go with certain elements of AOL FanHouse, 38 Pitches, and The Dirty.

  2. The Big Lead, just not a fan. Also don’t care for EDSBS.

    Thanks Insomniac, 38pitches can go fuck itself as well. Never been there, never will.

  3. Deadspin – arrogant!!!

  4. Stupid Sideline Reporters

  5. I once went to this blog called, um, god what was it, the picture or big pic, whatever… it fuckin sucked.

  6. I think we were all supposed to say The Big Picture.

    In reality, any blog that has sold its ass to the mainstream (the “worldwide leader,” yahoo, aol, etc.) is co-champ here.

  7. edsbs, biglead, lion in oil

  8. Don’t like Deadspin or The Big Lead.

  9. There was some Boston blog that I don’t like, but damn if I can remember the name of it.

  10. BTW, the NFL.com’s blog starting Frank Tagguci (or something) is horrible.

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