DeShawn Stevenson and Buzz Bissinger: A fight to the death (or something cliché like that)

Two lapses of judgment Tuesday: Author Buzz Bissinger chose to swear a lot on HBO and make an ass of himself and basketballer DeShawn Stevenson chose to don a Michael Vick jersey and make an ass of himself. (Though Stevenson’s not getting positive attention for not supporting Rae Carruth, Carlton Dotson or O.J. Simpson).

So we’re going to run a poll to see who is the bigger, badder idiot. Badder isn’t a word, we’re told, unless it’s spelled with two Ts referring to something like cake “batter” or “batter” up. Bad writing. Bad grammar. Bad bad bad. We no longer are entitled to an opinion.

DeShawn Stevenson_________Buzz Bissinger
basketball player_______journalist


fur coat (?), jerseys_______sport coat, slacks
Dogs, LeBron James______Blogs, Will Leitch (?)
Soulja Boy_____Horses
Form of Intimidation
Menacing Gestures“______Unintentional spit, loud voice
Grew Up…
In Fresno___Reading the newspaper
LeBron, Jay-Z, PETA______Bloggers
Musical taste
Rap, hip hop, R&B____classical, definitely not rock ‘n’ roll — too new age

May the best man win…

Who’s the bigger idiot?
DeShawn Stevenson
Buzz Bissinger free polls

3 Responses

  1. I did not see Buzz implode about bloggers…but anyone who bashes bloggers is a douche bag in my book…

  2. This is the best poll that you’ve ever ran here. Being a Cavs fan, I absolutely fucking loathe Stevenson who is currently setting black people back 20 years and will be solely responsible for Barack losing the presidency. On the otherhand, Buzz fucks horses and hates all of us.

    At the end of the day, I’d rather Stevenson die though.

  3. Deshawn still bangs hot chicks.

    Here is his most recent.

    And here is banter from talk sports about Deshawn’s bday party last month.

    The party was fresh. Gilbert won best dress hands down. He was extra fresh in his Gucci jacket with the old school “brick” cell phone. All of Deshawn’s hoes was in the house. I expected them to turn shit out, but everyone was cool and most of them were mingling with each other which made me wonder wtf was going on at his house after the party.

    what was goin on at his house after the party??? haha lemme let u know….A LOT was goin on! Pass around…girl on girl…3some action u name it 😉

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