Guest Post: Cowboys should make for good TV

A few weeks ago we challenged readers to a friendly game of Torch Run. Those who beat our ridiculously good score were offered porn links, a free subscription to the site or a guest post.

And our boy Chris Stuckey took us up on the free post! Chris is a 20-year-old Texan who’s well, from Texas. Chris roots for the Cowboys, Rangers, Stars, Mavericks and even the AFL’s Desperados. Chris has met Quincy Carter and Nate Newton, who may or may not have tried to deal him 50 pounds of grass. Chris gives his take — from a Dallas fan’s perspective — on the Cowboys being the subject of “Hard Knocks.” Take it away…


HBO and NFL Films nailed it. Could they have chosen a better team to feature on their annual training camp documentary “Hard Knocks”? The Dallas Cowboys are probably the most intriguing team in the league when you combine both the on- and off-the-field elements. My sources informed me that the Bengals were also in running, but supposedly COPS already had dibs on them.

The possible storylines for HBO and NFL Films to follow are endless…

Tony Romo: He has obviously been one of America’s endless “feel good” stories that subsequently gets shoved down by your MSMers, but I must admit this…I have a ginormous man crush on him. I’ve never had feelings like this before and I’m actually starting worry about myself.

Jessica Simpson: Even if you hate the Cowboys, you have to like Jessica. What could be better than combining football with a hot, large-breasted blonde? Who from last year’s edition of “Hard Knocks” featuring the Chiefs got the most pub on the blogosphere? That’s right, it was Brodie Croyle’s hot ass wife. The Cowboys training camp site for 2008 is Oxnard, Calif., which is about an hour outside of Los Angeles. We have to have a Jessica sighting in one of the episodes.

Terrell Owens: I’m already getting my popcorn ready… When you put T.O. in front of a camera, you never know what might happen.

Jerry Jones: Is there an owner that craves attention more than Jerry? Jerry has recently been talking in vivid detail about Felix Jones’ butt quite a bit. Frankly, it makes me pretty uncomfortable.

And last but not least…

Pacman Jones (possibly): How could you not feature this guy? He is bound to get caught in a strip club before the end of the year. From what I hear, Zach has pledged to monitor as many strip clubs as possible throughout the US and plans to keep Jerry informed.

Bottom line: Kudos to HBO and NFL Films for locking down the ‘Boys. The prominent personalities combined with Jessica and the inevitable story about an undrafted free agent’s attempt to make the team should make for must see TV.


5 Responses

  1. It will definitely be must watch TV. But I am of the belief that all Cowboys and Cowboys fans can go fuck themselves.

  2. Oh so harsh…

  3. Can Brodie Croyle’s wife have a cameo?!?!

  4. Good post amigo.

  5. This is a nice blog. I like it!

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