What in the world has happened to Andruw Jones?

That there is Andruw Jones. We’re pretty sure that he’s either dreaming about striking out or just did strike out.

He’s done that 36 times this season. He’s had 106 at-bats. That’s about one strikeout every three times up, which is only two-thirds better than we could do (If Train A leaves station 1 at 9:45 a.m. and Train B…oh, never mind.).

Other troubling statistics:

Batting Average: .170
HRs: 1

RBIs: 4

OPS: .543

These are the other big-leaguers with one homerun and four RBIs:

Raul Casanova
Ryan Raburn
Morgan Ensberg

Gregg Zaun

Mike Rivera

Elite company.

Jones is just three years removed from a 51-homer season, but can’t lay off the outside breaking ball in the dirt. He looks lost at the plate. (Good thing he’s a Dodger!)

So, baseball fans, we ask you: What in the world has happened to Andruw Jones? Launch The Big Picture investigation in the comments.


18 Responses

  1. I agree, there was no gradual slide with Jones….one year he was doing great, as usual, and the next year he just lost it….

  2. umm, roids?

    boy am I glad the Giants didn’t sign him. although I did kind of think he would bounce back after such a terrible year last season. glad it hasn’t happened yet.

  3. He pulled a Dale Murphy.

  4. He’s a black Brady Anderson perhaps?

  5. jmc is right on point. you gotta think roids. he doesnt have the power and watch him play centerfield now just terrible his speed is gone and it appears so is his heart.

  6. Zach, I’ve been a Braves fan since Dale Murphy, Bob Horner, Ozzie Virgil, etc., and if you look at the Andruw Jones who came up during the World Series vs. the Yankees (I forget the year) you’ll see that Jones has gained a ton of weight. I read somewhere that he gained 15 pounds during this past offseason. (It wasn’t muscle). I just think that he lost interest in the game, and now he’s too overweight and slow to do much of anything. Thank God the Braves couldn’t afford him.

  7. That double-chin and tire-iron belly probably haven’t helped things.

  8. GO SOX!!!

  9. He sucks because I drafted him on my roto team.
    And, he’s a fat bastard.

  10. juice!

  11. “He looks lost at the plate. (Good thing he’s a Dodger!)”

    This joke makes no sense.

    The Dodgers are currently ranked in the top five in all of MLB in almost every offensive category.

  12. Crab People?

  13. suru – we’re giants fans. we don’t like the dodgers.

  14. ‘roids/HGH doesn’t explain the whole story. Even today, the majority of them are on something. However, that 51 HR number in 2005 does make it look like A Jones jacked up the dosage at some point.

    Depending on what type you take, the sauce may fuck with your head. But the sauce doesn’t make you swing at sliders in the dirt, it doesn’t put an upper cut in your swing and it doesn’t make you ground into double plays. Even though no one noticed, that part has crept further into A Jones’ game over the years.

    Sometime during the 2006-07 offseason, A Jones was sitting in bed…(commence dream sequence)…I’m 28 and I have 342 HR and 1023 RBI. Bonds ain’t got shit on me. I got this muthafucka. Shit, if I go 45 and 110 every year until I’m 40, I’ll have all the records. I’ll be the baddest muthafucka who ever played, hold my drink, bitch…(end dream sequence).

  15. I agree with Kasey on many points, including the “good thing the braves couldn’t afford him” part.

    But Bokolis, the juice won’t make him do those things, but having to stop (after a crackdown/more attention throughout the league) would make him lose power, and fuck up his timing.

  16. I think it’s possible that he lied about his birthdate (like Miguel Tejada) which would make his total falloff more understandable. Add in the fact that he doesn’t seem to care anymore and his decline makes a little more sense.

  17. maybe being a dodger has sucked out his will to live

  18. With regard to Andruw’s weight, the last few years he has always seemed really heavy coming into the season, and manages to get his weight down by mid-July/early August. The Braves knew that one more good paycheck was all he needed to start phoning it in, and light hitting/great defense CFs are a dime a dozen.

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