Who’s got the edge? Jeter or Mayer

Hot Clicks’ Jimmy Traina sparks very provocative, intelligent debate: who’s dated the hotter women: Jeter or Mayer?

We would probably do all of them. We just thought we’d let you know a little bit about us.

So, the hotter bunch of ladies? Make your case in the comments. Our thoughts will lead things off…

13 Responses

  1. Alba alone could win the thing. We think Johannson’s overrated; Biel too. Biel has a nice rack, but sorta looks like a mule. We’re not sure who Minnillo is and we would totally hit it with Carey — hot!

    Jennifer Love Hewitt look unbelievable in Can’t Hardly Wait, but that was like, what, 10 years ago? Jennifer Aniston looks hot, even at 50. gotta love simpson’s rack.

    we’ll give the edge to Jeter on the Jessicas — but mainly Alba. Alba is probably worth losing a small toe.

  2. Jeter’s range is much more impressive, very diverse selection of hotties.

    Mayer needs to branch out.

  3. I gotta go with Mayer on this one. He doesn’t have a bad one in the bunch. Plus Diaz and Aniston are way up there on my list of favorites. I’m just not that big a fan of Minillo or Carey, and agree about Scarlet being overrated. Alba does make this a close race but I think Mayer has it.

  4. Diaz and Aniston are pug fugly. I would hit it, of course, but that’s not what you’re asking.

    Jeter by far.

  5. Boy this is a tough one…Mayer nailed JL Hewitt and I love her!!!

    But DJ had Alba…

    Boy, this is close, but I will say Jeter in a close one…

  6. Zach, jmc– Scarlett overrated? Man, I just don’t understand that. What’s next Zach, a “Would You Do?” with two guys? Because after a comment like that buddy, it wouldn’t surprise me.

  7. I don’t think we’re saying that scarlet is not incredibly incredibly good looking, which she is. We all know that. What we’re saying is that she has gotten a lot of attention while other women who we might think are even more attractive, haven’t gotten as much. I would do her in a heartbeat, but I might choose another girl first.

  8. I hear you buddy. That’s a good argument. Guess I just wanted a chance to jab Zach. I’m a bad guy I guess.

  9. no, jabs are good. jab away!

  10. Thanks Zach. For a second there I was feeling bad for taking a shot at you, but your comment really helped. I can now put away the whiskey bottle and revolver I had taken out. Have a nice weekend.

  11. Jeter wins. His women have the intangibles to make my midnight jerk much more pleasurable.

  12. I’m leaning Mayer because of Minnillo. A true wild card who pushes him over the top.

  13. Kasey, Zach, you guys are funny.

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