Is Jim Edmonds the best centerfielder of this era?

Or does he just make some spectacular plays, like this one Monday.

Edmonds is also known for these spectacular catches when he was on the Angels and Cardinals.
(Video anyone?)

We’ve always loved the way that Andruw Jones plays center and Griffey Jr. was magnificent in his prime.

Sometimes players who make fantastic diving catches just aren’t fast enough to track the ball and get under it — Jones used to have that speed that he made any play look easy.

Edmonds is one of the best for highlight reels, no doubt. The best centerfielder though? Certainly debatable.


4 Responses

  1. Best fielding or best overall??? You have to put him up there for his defense but Griffey is the best CF of this era. I would put Bernie Williams ahead of Edmonds as well.

  2. Edmonds pretty much admitted that this catch looked impressive in part because he misread it at first. One can’t help but wonder how many of his highlight-reel catches that might be true of.

  3. he wouldn’t have caught that liner that jacoby caught yesterday

    and jacoby woulda made the edmonds catch look semi-routine

    edmonds can’t cover half the field that ichiro can

    edmonds is a pathetic joke that the white-man loving media (and blogs) hype up

  4. Many of Jim Edmonds’ “highlight” catches are over-the-shoulder catches. These are actually pretty easy plays to make, you just slow down as you catch up to the ball rather than trying to turn around.

    He is good, but, he makes himself look better. Often times a highlight play is made because the fielder mis-judged the ball in the first place.

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