What the hell was Jannero Pargo thinking?

That’s Hornets guard Jannero Pargo, who surely is missing a shot in New Orleans’ Game 7 loss to San Antonio.

We don’t care that Pargo had 16 of his 18 points in the fourth quarter. He had those points because he was chucking up the ball like he was playing a fucking pickup game.

He set up isolation for himself and took terrible shots and got bailed out by a few cheap fouls on what should have been turnovers.

He shot 6-16 from the floor which is absolutely inexcusable when you have an MVP candidate in Chris Paul and ultra-talented inside threat in David West on the floor. Why was Pargo even on the court?

This AP writer
was clearly watching a different game.

Buoyed by a home crowd that stood throughout the fourth quarter, the Hornets fought back to make a game of it, largely behind Pargo, who had done little in this series. He scored seven straight on four free throws sandwiched around a 3-pointer, pulling the Hornets to 81-77 with 3:10 to go.

Paul Forrester’s quick hits on SI.com were, unlike Pargo’s shots, on target.

Every team shortens its rotation at this time of year; the difference for the Spurs is that the selected few who come off Gregg Popovich‘s bench at crunch time hit multiple threes, like Robert Horry and Michael Finley each did in Game 7…In short, they place the bow on the Spurs’ biggest wins. They did so again Monday against a New Orleans club who could only counter with the bombs-away approach of Jannero Pargo, whose scoring was welcome, but whose lack of much else wasn’t.

Don’t know if we would go as far as saying Pargo blew that game, but for a guy who didn’t do anything in the team’s biggest ever series, why he chose to make himself the go-to-guy with the season on the line seems nothing short of ridiculous.

(Getty Image)

7 Responses

  1. I’ve never even heard of this asshole.

  2. Why do the sports Gods continue to allow the Spurs to win???

    Pistons, Celtics, Lakers, and Spurs…I can’t believe that a rapist is the most likeable.

  3. Would someone here like to suck on my dick?

    It’s about 16 inches long and cums vvvvvvery quickly.

    GO SPURS!!

  4. I wouldn’t give him too much crap. CP3 decided not to shoot, and West was garbage. Pargo stinks but SOMEONE had to step up and it wasn’t going to be Peja

  5. Kiss my cock, slobber my cum.

  6. At least he stepped up and got the hornet’s back in the game. He hit most of the shots that got us within 3 points of the spurs. Someone had to step up and maybe some people are just pissed because it wasn’t CP3 or Peja this time. Give some of the other players some credit.

  7. Thank You! I’ve been asking this question since last night and haven’t heard anyone in the media address it!

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